Best Budgeted Shark ION R85 Robot Vacuum For Your Home

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The shark ION R85 comes up with many premium features in a budgeted way. It is featured with a powerful motor that sucks up almost the type of garbage you got surrounds. It has a very good battery life comparatively and has the ability to connect to the Wi-Fi for customized control. Its user gets the option to control it with their smartphone. While there is no mapping sensor installed in it, but comes up with advanced navigation sensors for detecting dirt and debris. It can also avoid obstacles while operating.


  • An excellent choice for pet hair removal from carpet fibers and from the hard floor as well.
  • It has the suction advantage over Shark ION R75 and considered as the most recent predecessor in its category
  • You can control its airflow for suction. This will ensure that you don’t have left any debris flung across the floor.


  • You will still find the old boundary marking technique in it. While there are other smart technologies around
  • It needs improvements for thicker carpet and finer debris types.

Design Consideration

SHARK ION Robot Vacuum R85


The shark ion R85 closely resembles its other series member in design but still have some very useful improvements. It comes up with a black rounded body and has aesthetic material of construction. The usability of this robot vacuum cleaner is simple with the “Clean” button on the top side with two other small buttons: i) Dock – to send the vacuum cleaner for charging ii) Max – to operate the vacuum cleaner at maximum suction power.

When you flip it over, you will find one central brush roll that is the combination of spiral bristles and rubberized blades. This allows you to have more effective cleaning for multi-floor with Shark ION R85.

The Shark ION R85 comes up featured spinning brushes that can pick up the debris and push it towards central brush rolls. The other side brushes help you to clean the places like corners and walls near the floor.

Shark Ion R85 VS S87 Base

You will have two types of charging bases with R85

  1. Standard: Shark ION R85 comes up with one very simple charger and will serve as the main base for your vacuum cleaner.
  2. Handled Vacuum: If you are happened to be a fan of the Shark ION R85, but also need a portable handle, you may check the other option Shark ION S87 for that. Actually, this is a kind of package deal that includes Shark ION R85 robot vacuum cleaner and compact handled vacuum that can be charged at the same base.

Shark ION R85 Features

SHARK ION Robot Vacuum R85

This one comes up with many improved classic shark features and some new features. Here you will have the improved features that make it most demanding in its category.

Three-Level Suction: this shark ION R85 comes up with three levels of suction:

  1. Low suction – it uses the minimum amount of airflow and can clean the surfaces effectively where dirt is in less amount
  2. Max Suction – it will help you to take care of large piles of debris and dirt. It can also suck up pet hairs entrapped in the carpet. Using this option it will effectively clean hard floor and carpet.
  3. Medium Suction – this option is for regular home cleaning with an average amount of debris and dirt. If you are a regular cleaner and have an active home, then the medium suction option will do the job for you.

Navigation System: The Shark ION R85 doesn’t have a mapping sensor, instead it has a high-quality smart sensor 2.0 Navigation. This sensor allows it to move around your place and detect the debris and any obstacle around it. Unlike Roomba’s top tier navigation that follows straight path rules in a logical way, the 2.0 Navigation still got a sporadic approach.

Wireless Connectivity: this feature is not new in a robot vacuum cleaner, but still it improves very much of the performance of Shark ION R85. When you connect it to a Wi-Fi network, you can directly control its cleaning operation from your smart device. Also, it allows you to control it with your voice using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

SHARK ION Robot Vacuum R85


Outdated Boundaries: At this point, shark ION R85 will disappoint you, as it did not update their Bot Boundaries. Other robot vacuum cleaner in its category have infrared light boundaries marker and some even allow you to draw custom boundaries for cleaning purposes.

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