Smart And Powerful Cleaning Operation With Shark IQ R101AE Vacuum

Shark IQ
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The Shark IQ R101AE competing iRobot i7+, that can empty its own dustbin. Generally, you will see Shark IQ a winner in its category: at emptying the bin, at price. Here we have brought to a complete review that how this budgeted best robot vacuum cleaner offers solid cleaning with self-emptying dustbin features.

Shark IQ Design

Shark IQ R101AE

The shark IQ R101AE comes up with a very unique and durable color scheme.  Its mix glossy black and matte black plastic with a silver accent depicts its quality and standard cleaning. At 3.5 inches of height, the Shark IQ R101AE is slightly shorter than3.7 inches iRobot Roomba i7 and slightly taller than Shark Ion R85.

The Shark IQ R101AE never backs down when it comes to clean the kitchen floor. It might get stuck under a low heightened couch or sofa. When you flip it over, you will see a lot of similarities between the Shark IQ R101AE and the Shark Ion Product line. You will find a large gripping wheel made of rubbery material on the sides and a small caster wheel on the front.

There are two brushes installed on the front that rotate to provide effective cleaning by feeding debris to the brush roll in the center. There are many high quality and efficient sensors installed on the front side of the Shark IQ R101AE. You will also find fins and bristle positioned at a v-shaped angle. We have found the same arrangement on many other robot vacua, but Shark IQ R101AE found to prone getting pet hair.

Self-Emptying Dustbin

People love the size of the shark IQ R101AE emptying dustbin and its dock a lot. Like the clean base, it sucks up debris into the dustbin and requires emptying once a month. There a small window on side of it to see whether the dustbin is full or not. Roomba vacuum uses small bags that need to be purchased from the company separately.

The company advertises this shark IQ R101AE has a bagless dustbin and very easy to clean. You can press one button to detach the dustbin from its dock. Its cleaning operation looks very similar to the Shark stick vacuum. The force to open it will surprise you. The gravity collects and holds the debris and dust in the dustbin, but still, some of the dust flew around into the air.

Performance Rating of Shark IQ R101AE

Shark IQ R101AE

This useful vacuum cleaner follows a methodical cleaning operation like back and forth snake pattern. This feature ensures that no part of the floor goes uncleansed. This Shark IQ R101AE is good at cleaning under chairs and in compact places. Its powerful interiors allow it to push a little too hard for piled up debris.

This robot vacuum comes up with three modes of cleaning: i) Eco ii) Normal iii) Max. And comes up with two cleaning options also: i) Manual ii) Mapping. It allows you to get things done faster with a powerful motor inside. It is able to suck up 80 to 90% of the kitty litter from the carpet in just 5 minutes. On hard surfaces, it cleaned the area to suck up cereal in a relatively long time, 18 minutes from our test.

When the dustbin is full it automatically goes to the dock and tries to empty the bin. When it is done with emptying the dustbin, it gets back to the cleaning operation. This vacuum is incredibly handy and useful that can take care of itself.

Shark IQ R101AE Features

  • It put you at ease by vacuuming for a month with the self-emptying bagless dustbin. It can carry and holds up dust and debris for 30 days
  • Its cleaning is very powerful and effective. Its unbeatable suction picks up small and large dust particles and debris. It can also take care of pet hairs from the carpet ad hard floors.
  • This shark IQ r101ae comes up with a self-emptying dustbin and automatically goes to the charging dock when needed. And then continue its cleaning operation from where it left off.
  • With this smart and intelligent robot cleaner, you can schedule your cleaning time and allow you to target specific areas of your house. You can even control it with the mobile app and voice controls.
  • Its self-cleaning brush rolls remove pets hairs and other fibrous materials like long hairs from the brush roll. There will be no more hair wrap.

Shark IQ R101AE


  • You will have a self-emptying dust bin with this shark IQ R101AE vacuum cleaner
  • It has a powerful motor that drives powerful suction for effective cleaning
  • It has a low profile for cleaning inaccessible places
  • It is also featured with self-cleaning brush rolls that avoid unnecessary troubles.


  • Cleaning operation could be made more effective
  • You will literally have a noisy operation

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