Schlage Touch Camlot: The safety Appliance in the market

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In this modern era, unfortunately, burglars have become quite clever. Not only that, the idea of old door locks seems quite absurd. To make sure the house remains protective; Schlage Touch Camlot is the preference of everybody. So, if you are reading this article, then I hope you are suffering from the same issue.

To help you out once and for all, we have found the best safety product for you. In this article, we are going to overview the Schlage touch Camelot. This brand is trendy for the security devices they provide. So, without wasting any time, let’s dive into it.

Schlage touch camlot review:


Everyone is well-known for this trendy brand. Schlage provides deadbolts in multiple unique designs and variants, yet this one is different from the other versions. Along with the convenience-focused design, this deadbolt is highly durable. Moreover, there is no key required for getting into the house. Just share the entering code with your friends and family. That’s it. Unlike the traditional deadbolt, it takes no moment for entering the house.

Now, let’s see in detail what’s this superb device is offering more.

No-key required: If you want to access your house, you don’t need any key. Sound exciting and crazy, right! In this device fingerprint-resistant touchscreen is built-in. That will only allow you to access when you add by the private pin-code in it. Not only that, the Schlage touch Camelot works on a 2-year battery life along with the battery icon. Besides, if due to some reason the battery gets expired or damaged. The company provides an extra 9V battery backup.

Easy installation: When you first look at this device, you might be thinking it’s going to take hours. However, let us make you jubilant again. It only takes few minutes to install this deadbolt. Furthermore, there is no wiring needed. You can easily fit the deadbolt in any standard door as there is no specification required regarding the woodwork. There’s no doubt this deadbolt offers maximum convenience. Yet, some people are always looking for more. For that purpose, an electronic lever option is also available in the lock. So, it provides convenience for your garage, home office, or wine cellar.

Code adjustment: Once you are done installing the product, there are two programmed codes pre-installed in it. However, this device also holds additional 19 regulations. Therefore, it’s nearly impossible to break through this Camelot. Make sure you press the correct digits to open the door. A downlighting is also developed just slightly above the keypad. Besides, consider adding a ring spotlight camera to your arsenal for security purposes.

Lifetime Guarantee: Most of the electronic devices we review only have one year warranty. However, the case is entirely different here. The Schlage touch camlot comes with a 3-year limited electronic warranty. Not only that, but the Schlage brand also offers lifetime mechanical and finish security for their customers. You can check out more detail regarding their policy on their website.


  • Satin nickel
  • Touch keyless touch screen
  • Cylinder free design
  • Slim profile and stylish trim


  • Not suitable for cold weather conditions

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Factors to consider while buying the door lock

Besides the Schlage touch review, we have done if you still want to know more about the product. For that, we have written a buying guide for you. In these guidelines, we have pinpointed some of the most riveting factors. So, what are you waiting for? Start reading, lad!

Form Factor: In the marketplace, door locks come in different styles and variant. However, among these, the four models are the most popular and demanding in the market. The first on the list is the keypad locks. These are the simplest yet highly used type of door locks. After that, a keyless touchscreen deadbolt is considered; moreover, using this lock is fatigue-free and straightforward. To make homes safer, deadbolt with alarms is contemplated for use. At last smart deadbolts are on the list. These are the most advanced deadbolts and even uses Siri voice control to unlock the door.

Deadbolt quality: You can only make sure how durable the product is by considering it in use. That same philosophy goes for these deadbolts. Therefore, always make sure with which quality they are made because you will use them regularly. Otherwise, if the lock stop working, the only way to go inside the house is by breaking in. The deadbolt locks quickly last for years; however, the freezing temperature can be an issue.

Battery: This might seem an ordinary thing. Yet, it’s the battery that delivers power to the deadbolt. Therefore, check out what type of plug-in is supported. In locks, these batteries can easily last two years. Thus, they can spend quite a time with you. Nonetheless, if the battery gets expired, it’s going to create trouble accessing the house. Hence, it’s best to figure out in the start what you are going to do.

Warranty: You are investing a pretty hefty sum on a deadbolt lock. Therefore, you should expect some guaranty from the manufacturers. That can only be possible by the warranty. Thus, once you are done finding all the specifications, check out how much warranty the makers provide. We will suggest considering those products that have at least one year warranty. Besides, also look if there is an additional warranty on other mechanical equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

After even the complete review, there are still some doubt lifts in someone heads. To clear them out, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions.

How can we change the code on the Schlage touch camlot?

You can easily change the lock. It’s not that big kind of deal. However, the best way is to go through the manual. However, to save your time, we have written the procedure in steps.

  • To change a new entry code, press the Schlage and the key one simultaneously.
  • After that, wait until the Schlage button beep and flash for the three-time
  • Now adjust the four-digit pin code and let the beeping procedure repeat again.
  • Repeat the code to confirm the procedure, and that’s it.

Are the automatic locking features being available in this door lock?

Unfortunately, not. These kinds of features are not available in the Schlage touch Camelot. However, you can check out these specifications in the one with the built-in handle. To improve your house security, check out some of the best wireless doorbells.

Final Thoughts:

Selecting the best door lock has become a hot topic nowadays. However, we should not give it that much attention. Yet, everybody wants to make sure their house stays safe when they are not available. In the deadbolt market, several brands make these types of locks. However, almost all of them lack some aspects, whether it is durability or safety features.

The purpose of doing the Schlage touch Camelot review is to introduce you to the best product. Besides, Schlage products have outranked all the other competitors. Thus, in the end, we will also suggest you consider buying this fantastic safety device for your home and loved ones.

If you are looking for some more affordable options, you can also check out some other best intelligent locks.

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