Schlage Sense Wifi Adapter Review

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The security of loved ones is always everybody’s priority. Meanwhile, the primary purpose of these adapters is to unlock the intelligent deadbolt from everywhere. These devices are linked with your phones to act as a channel. Besides, it is simple to use them. Connect the adapter with power and pair it with your phone. After that, associate it with your home wifi network for access. The only drawback this adapter has that it cannot be compatible with a home kit. Let’s do schlage sense wifi adapter review.

In the global market, there are many wifi adapters present. However, to help you out, we have figured out the best product. Therefore, in this article, we will do a Schlage sense wifi adaptor review. You can also consider about buying a smart camera for surveillance.

So, let’s figure out what the Schlage brand is offering in their products.

Schlage BR400 Sense Wi-Fi Adapter:


The adapter serves as the central joining unit between the phone and deadbolt. This unit requires a 2.4GHz network for connectivity. However, sometimes it cannot be compatible with routers that use the same SSID that involves the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. Moreover, in this category, some mesh wifi router systems. The Schlage adapter comes with the same type of encryption that available in many online purchases. Unlike the many other adapters, you can easily lock & unlock them from your phone. Meanwhile, these devices support anywhere on Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

During the pairing process, it is connected along with the Schlage sense software. Furthermore, the processing of using this adapter is straightforward.

schlage sense wifi adapter review

Look and Unlock Feature: Over time people often forgot whether they close the door or not. To make sure you didn’t leave the door open, you can check it out from our phone. Moreover, you can close the deadbolt with the phone. To access this feature, you must install it to connect the adapter with your system. For that, click the adapter with the power plug first. Secondly, pair it with the deadbolt and then to the wifi network. Meanwhile, all these features are controlled through the application software. The application makes sure not to interface in the phone’s other system. Also, add the best wireless doorbell for better communication.

Bluetooth: Although wifi connectivity is more than enough yet, sometimes a person needs an additional feature for better convenience. Therefore, to attain maximum results, the brand also supports Bluetooth in this adapter. This feature allows for increasing the range of the lock by about 40 feet.

Working Process of the Schlage Sense wifi adapter: The working procedure has become immensely convenient due to the application. Moreover, it is supported by both Android and iPhone. When you add commands to the app, it sends them to the adapter via wifi. After that, the adapter delivers the signals to the Schlage Sense smart deadbolt. At the initial phases, you might notice some Schlage sense wifi adapter troubleshooting.

schlage sense wifi adapter review


  • Easy to set up
  • Easy pairing via application
  • Smooth lock and unlock feature
  • iOS and Android supported
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Cannot connect with 2.4 GHz wifi signal.

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Buying Guide:

A wifi adapter is a pretty straightforward product. Yet, if you want to know some of the most important factors that vary. Then this buying guide is especially for you.

Electronic Keys:

To unlock the deadbolt, there are many different ways. However, the most common ones are via the keys and through the application. In case you forgot whether you lock the door or not. You can check it out through the app and even manage it. On the other hand, you can also share your house access with someone by giving them the electronic keys. In these keys, you simply provide them with access to someone to open your house with your permission. For more safety measures, you can also add a fingerprint door lock system.

Access Records:

To keep the record of who is coming and leaving your house. Some smart adapters support access log features in it. Also, this marks the person fully updated when and at what time someone enters your home. Moreover, this feature is also holding a check on the central server. Along it’s not that important feature. Yet, it can be a game-changer for some people. Therefore, think about considering this feature as it might save you some bucks in the segment.

Remote controls and alarm:

The availability of an adapter allows the person to manage the deadbolt remotely. Therefore, we must check this feature. It will enable the person to lock and close the door through the application automatically. However, to use these controls, the availability of cell service is compulsory. Sometimes, even if the door is well protected yet, there are still chances of somebody sneaking into your house. For that, tamper alarm systems are installed that scare the burglars for real. Make sure you check out the device as the Schlage sense wifi adapter won’t connect occasionally.


How can we install the Schlage sense wifi adapter?

It is pretty easy to install these adapters. Even a beginner can easily understand how to manage them. However, follows the below-mentioned steps for quick installation.

  • Fix the adapter with the power supply first.
  • Next, pair the adapter with your phone and wifi.

And that’s all of the procedure you need to get through.

Are these adapter durables for working?

Yes, these devices are highly durable and can easily last a decade with you. However, it’s necessary to take care of them. These devices are sensitive and cannot absorb curtain falls. Therefore, place them somewhere safer and out of sight from kids.

Final Thoughts:

To make sure your home remains safer, these adapters are a worthy investment. At the same time, you can easily install these devices without any fuss. Moreover, certain new specifications have been introduced in the advanced features that make the usage more convenient. However, we will highly suggest you consider all the factors before you went shopping.

You can check out the elements that we have written in the buying guide. People with busy life think of these adapters for convenience. And, we will also suggest you consider using the Schlage sense wifi adapter.

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