Samsung Robot Vacuum Review: Let the Bot to Deal with Dust

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Robot Vacuums are in great demand nowadays. They are more compact and practical as compared to cylinder vacuums. In the past few years, they have progressed so much in their technology. Robot vacuum cleaners consume less amount of energy as compared to other versions. When we talk about space consumptions, they are always better than vacuum cylinders. As they improve rapidly, it will not be long enough when you have to exchange them with your ordinary cleaners permanently.

Whenever something gets spilled on the floor, you can’t start using the vacuum cleaner all the time as it takes relatively few minutes to adequately assembled it. To get rid of this problem, you have to turn on the robot vacuum. Moreover, simply operating with your phone will go and do the job for you. These robot vacuum cleaners are worth spending the money on. Also, It is a good investment that will benefit you a lot in the future. For doing small cleaning, it is the best tool to add to your arsenal.

With the robust improvements in this industry, the market is flooded with these kinds of robot vacuums. It is considered a good idea to do a little bit of research before going shopping. Thankfully, we have got you covered. By doing in-depth research, we have found the best brand products for you. There are numerous brands and stores, but we must inform you of the market’s best product.

At the end of this article, we will sort out all your problems. We have also written a buying guide for you. So that you should know what are the main factors that contribute to a superior product. Now, without wasting any time, could you give it a quick read?

Samsung Electronics R7070 Robot Vacuum Cleaner:


To remove fur and pet hair from the floor, this is the ideal machine to use. Moreover, this product by Samsung stores offers high-performance cleaning on the ground level. For a long-lasting run time, it uses lithium-ion batteries as a power source. Unlike the traditional cleaners, its 40x more powerful cleaning does the job more effectively. Its self-cleaning Brush lessens the workload during the maintenance. As it automatically gets rid of pet hairs and thread.

R7070 has innovative rubber blades. This feature cleans the corners of the door and walls more precisely. Along with visionary mapping, it also comes with a full view sensor 2.0. It enables the robot to create a pattern for cleaning. Along it shows which area the machine has covered for cleaning.

You can connect it with WIFI for more concise cleaning. Moreover, You can control the movement pattern with your phone. Also, this Powerbot supports Alexa. Isn’t it great! You can send voice notes to give direction to the device. Make sure you deliver the notes with an excellent and clear voice. You can see progress on the visual screen of the Samsung R7070. Therefore, we highly recommend you consider this device as it uses cyclone technology for cleaning.


  • 40x More Suction Power– It allows 40x more powerful cleaning as compared to typical vacuums.
  • Self-clean Brush– allows the Brush to get cleaned automatically. It removes and detangles the hair all by itself.
  • Edge Clean Feature– In most cleaners, the corners are left unchecked and uncleaned. However, Samsung technology allows removing dust even from corners.
  • Visionary Mapping- This feature detects the obstacles and avoids them before the contact.
  • WIFI availability– allows the system to connect with the internet to enable mobile support.


  • Slow-moving speed

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Samsung Electronics VR20T6001 MW/AA Robotic Cleaner:


Samsung needs no introduction to its products. All of their utensils are made with A-grade elements. For eliminating dust more precisely, Samsung made this piece of art. However, now we are going to elaborate on the Samsung robot vacuum cleaner review completely. Samsung Electronics VR20T6001 MW/AA Robotic Cleaner is one of its types. Its battery can efficiently run for 100 minutes and requires minimum time to charge. It is built with dual spin technology. Therefore, this feature allows it to move correctly in every direction. You can also use it on walls. Samsung makes it with a handle for support. It is very light in weight, so you don’t need to worry much.

This robotic cleaner has a water dispenser installed in it. You don’t need to keep refilling it. It can continuously run for 50 minutes. It cleans the corner with precision leaving no grime left behind. This Samsung cleaner automatically stops when it reaches closer to steps.

The pads are highly durable. Along with it, they have a hidden feature installed in them. They are poisoned so that it works smoothly at more challenging areas. They are workable on every type of surface. You can use this cleaner on hardwood also.

For smooth and quick cleaning daily, consider this jet bot Mop on your bucket list. You can explore multi-cleaning features through the remote.


  • Simple Movement- Its simple design uniquely eliminates dust particles.
  • Dual Spin Technology– This feature removes dust and cleanses the surface more precisely.
  • Automatic Water Dispenser: its big tanks keep the pads in good moisturized condition.
  • Smart Sensor Expertise– To touch corners more precisely, smart sensors do this job superbly.
  • Remote control features– You can also use remote to explore more options.


  • Available only in one color.

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Samsung Electronics R7065 Wi-Fi Connectivity Robot Vacuum:


This Samsung robot vacuum resembles a lot from the previous one. But let me assure you it has different properties and power levels. R7065 has cyclone technology built in. This allows it 20x more powerful suction. However, this feature is almost not available at other brands, which gives Samsung products a plus point.

Its clean edge technology does clean in a more precise way. It has a mini rubber blade installed in it. This blade is specially built for corner cleaning purposes. You can monitor the robot condition from the digital display. It shows many things like; battery percentage, the device’s optimal condition, and many more. This variant comes in a satin Titanium color with a lithium-ion battery cell.

Its cleaner can store 0.3 liters of dirt. While cleaning it, is simple. You only need to clean the grime holding rack. Suppose you are busy somewhere else. To get rid of this problem, you can connect it with the WIFI and gives different commands through the phone or voice notes.


  • Edge Clean Technology: Clean the edges with a mini vacuum.
  • Digital Display: For convenience, you can check the bot condition on the digital display screen.
  • Powerful Suction: Unlike a typical vacuum, it allows 20x more commanding suction.
  • WIFI connectivity: With the internet connection, you can command it with a simple touch. Even you can do it with your voice notes.


  • Similar design to another version.

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Samsung Powerboat Star Wars Limited Edition:


If you are an absolute star war fan, then you know what this device means. Bring the force to your house. By ordering, one of the entertainment robots vacuum cleaner. Samsung launched this cleaner in recent years. However, they are limited editions, so order it now!

Samsung Powerboat Star Wars Limited Edition is a whole package. It comes in two colors. The features they are providing in it are beyond imagination. Unlike typical vacuum cleaners, it has a transparent dust panel. So, with 20x powerful grime suction, you can see what is getting in the rack. For optimal results, it works perfectly on every type of surface. Its innovative shutter extends out to collect debris around the edges.

You can also monitor where this limited edition is heading. You don’t need to do any extra hustle. Also, Its visionary mapping builds the pattern on its own for cleaning and avoiding obstacles. Moreover, This robot vacuum produces sound effects. You can hear the breathing of Darth Vader in it. For people who love fiction, we highly suggest them ordering this limited-edition cleaner. In addition, This will give your floor an aesthetic look that you always adore.


  • Transparent Dust container- with powerful suction, you can see what’s storing inside.
  • Visionary mapping Plus: These features help in developing the proper movement pattern and, at the same time, maintaining how to avoid obstacles.
  • View 2.0 Sensor: The distance that the robot covers are seen in the mobile. With the view 2.0 sensor.
  • Sound effect: The limited edition has the movie’s sound effect with a covering speed of 32cm/second.
  • Work with Alexa- You can connect it with Alexa for more comfortable and smooth working.


  • Limited models

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Samsung Electronics R7040 3510Pa Strong Performance Robot Vacuum:


Powerbot R7040 is also one of the most performing robot vacuums by Samsung. It is used for the average workload. Although, it doesn’t stick well while doing big tasks. It works superbly on rugs and carpets. Cleaning this machine is the most straightforward job. Just remove the dust-containing chamber and clean it.

Samsung’s all mechanisms are built with intelligent technology, especially this one. You can check the operational performance of the machine on the screen. For further control, you can download the Samsung application for this model. Through that, you can create mapping patterns according to your requirements. So, for better performance, its AAA lithium-ion battery performs superbly.


  • Powerful suction: It can do perform suction towards grime without jamming.
  • 3510Pa Performance: On carpets and rags, it performs smoothly without stocking with the surface.
  • Washable Filter: Stored dust can easily remove only by following the top basic steps.
  • Build-in application: You can download the application for further controls.
  • Battery cell: Lithium-ion battery is built-in for better working performance.


  • Simple Design

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All the robot vacuums we recommended are some of the best. People with busy life mostly suggest these vacuums for the convenience and effectiveness they provide

Buying Guide: If still, you have some kinds of doubts or want to know why we choose these robot vacuums. It’s alright. To solve this issue, we have written a buying guide for you. After reading that, you will know which factors contribute to the best robot vacuum.

Suction Power: Before adding any product to the chart, consider its suction performance. Typical vacuum cleaners have minimum energy. They fall on the 10x scale. After some time, they don’t attract the particles towards them. On the other hand, all the vacuums we suggested have suction power between the range of 20x-40x. But, make sure you don’t buy an Outdoor robot with ultra-suction.

WIFI connectivity: In this era, to achieve the maximum performance of a machine. Users must adequately control bots so that you can signal them whenever you want. The user can operate the vacuum robots we suggested. This enables them to follow the perfect cleaning pattern. You can also command them by sending voice notes through software modes.

Display Screen: The display screen contributes a lot to a superb machine. It allows the user to see the performance of the vacuum. If the cleaner runs through the trouble, the problem will be seen on the screen. Along with that, you can check the battery percentage, the robot temperature, and other options. To ensure if the system is in optimal condition or not.

Advance Features: Please make sure the vacuum cleaner is the latest version of its type. Check the battery composition. Consider those products that have a lithium-ion battery as they will perform better in the long run. Also, see what’s the technology is providing for edges around the corner of the door, etc. These little things help a lot when combined.


Are robot vacuum being better than Hepa Vacuum Cleaners?

For small purposes, bot cleaners are the best choice as they are easily manageable. However, for heavy-duty purposes, Hepa vacuum cleaners are recommended. However, they have many disadvantages. They take more time to adjust, and they consume a lot of power to operate.

How often should you use a robot vacuum?

It depends upon the level of dust mostly. However, for everyday routines, consider using them twice a week. Make sure to adjust them so that they can do cleaning at each corner.

Are vacuum cleaners worth investing the money?

Absolutely yes, they are worth every dime you invest. They can easily last few years without causing any trouble. Consider investing in a good model for a better cleaning experience.

Can they run without the WIFI connection?

Yes, you can run them without the internet. Above all, they will do the essential cleaning chores in the room. However, they will lack the developed pattern you introduce to them for cleaning.

What are the best vacuum cleaners?

In the market, there are many brands. However, among all the stores.  Therefore, we suggest you consider the Samsung products as they are the oldest manufacturers in the market. They use A-grade material for each of their product. Above, we have elaborated the best Samsung robot vacuums.

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