Roomba 670 vs 675 Complete Review

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iRobot’s pioneering smart vacuum technologies became more attainable to several once they released budget-friendly models like the Roomba 670 vs 675.

Aside from their color and little price difference, how else are these two models different? We take a deeper dive into their features to assist you better choose your next robot vacuum.

Roomba 670

roomba 670

The Roomba 670 may be a mid-range robot vacuum, that gives many of the equivalent features you’d find in additional expensive models including Wi-Fi, iRobot’s Dirt Detect technology, and support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The latter means you’ll control the vacuum using voice controls. The sacrifice you create for its lower cost is that it’s missing the more powerful suction and advanced smart-mapping features of the flagship models.

As pet hairs are too thin to come into a vacuum cleaner, the best robotic vacuum for pet hair to clean your place out of pet hairs.

Why it is worthy?

  • The Roomba 670 has all the key features of more expensive models Roomba 670 vs 675 for a lower price. It cleans, recharges itself, can be controlled by the iRobot Home app or a smart speaker, and measures a similar size.
  • Decent cleaning on all floor types.
  • Takes on pet hair without too much fuss.
  • Runs long enough to cover most medium-sized homes.
  • Simple cleaning solution for smaller homes.
  • Cleans up pet hair without fuss.

What is not liked?

  • They are noisy
  • They cannot maneuver around all obstacles
  • The dust bin has to be emptied a lot
  • Poor navigation
  • The tendency to get stuck


Fully functional and straightforward to schedule, the Roomba 670 delivers an hour and a half continuous cleaning capabilities before wanting to be docked and charged once more.

The round-shaped robotic vacuum clears areas under furniture that are hard to succeed in without crouching on the ground. It comes with an app that you simply use to schedule regular cleanings with the machine.

With its low profile and skill to wash floors of all kinds, it’s easy to know why it remains a well-liked model despite newer models existing. It weighs six pounds and measures 13 inches in diameter.

The robot Roomba 670 manual machine is 3.6 inches tall, making it perfect to travel under sofas, buffets, and beds with ease. While cleaning your home you can also clean your pools easily with the best robotic pool cleaners with no hard work.

roomba 670

Status Monitoring

Keeping track of the progress made while the Roomba 670 cleans is straightforward. Monitoring takes place through the mobile app.

If you’ve got any issues with the robotic vacuum to get through, you’ll send it back to its dock until you’ve got an opportunity to seem at it.

Roomba 670 vs 675; Sticking to a daily cleaning schedule of robot Roomba 670 reviews for brushes and filters is very recommended by the manufacturer because it keeps the machine working without incidence longer.

As this vacuum works so perfectly you can try Roomba 670 review on your place to see the cleaning difference.

Key Considerations

  • Size: 13.3×13.3×3.6 inches
  • Weight: 7.8 pounds
  • Navigation: IAdapt 1.0
  • Color: Silver on Black
  • Battery: 1800mAh lithium-ion
  • Runtime: Up to 90 minutes
  • Charge Time: 3hours
  • Automatic Recharge: Yes
  • Entire Level Clean: No
  • Filter: AeroVac standard
  • Voice Controls: Yes
  • Wireless Communications: Yes
  • Containment: None Included
  • Side Brushes: 1 side Brushes

roomba 670


Q. How well does it pick up dog hair?

I live in the south so my lab and bulldog are always shedding. They are no match for Rosie Roomba 670 vs 675 (my Roomba). This is my third Roomba and the best for dog hair.

Q. How many square feet does it cover?

My apartment is 700 square feet and the Roomba does an excellent job covering it all in a timely manner. However, it does not do room by room it will travel back and forth often.

Roomba 675

roomba 675

The Roomba 675 is best for lower maintenance pets who have short hair. The Roomba 675 review uses the bristle style brush roll, which is susceptible to get into longer pet hair but is perfectly fine for brief pet hair.

Most 675 packages don’t include a virtual barrier, but they’re compatible with the barriers if you purchase a standalone one. it’s currently our favorite budget robot vacuum on the market.

AeroVac Filtration System

The Roomba 675 high-efficiency filters lock in 99% of dust, dirt, and debris, therefore the machine doesn’t release pollutants into your home after a radical vacuuming session.

To still use it, you’ll get to clean the filter regularly. Otherwise, you’ll notice that the 675 isn’t learning the maximum amount of debris because it usually does.

What is worthy?

  • Comes in at a budget-tier price, making it more feasible for more consumers
  • Includes wifi-connectivity for control from your smartphone, tablet, or using Amazon Alexa (voice control)
  • Affordable for most consumers
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Mobile app available on iOS and Android
  • Voice control capability with Amazon Alexa or Google Home
  • Easy to set up and use

What is not liked?

  • Basic pet hair, dirt and debris detection, and filtration
  • Performance isn’t as strong as more advanced models
  • Don’t like extended maintenance regimens.
  • Are looking for the latest and the greatest in home cleaning robotics.

Pick-up Power

If you’ve ever “comparison shopped” among the present Roombas Roomba 670 vs 675 on the market, you’ll notice a buzz phrase that’s often thrown around by iRobot – the three-stage cleaning system.

While it seems mysterious and technical, the configuration of this technique is really quite simple. Roomba 675 review consists of a strong suction flow, two brush rolls, and one side brush.

The suction is partly controlled by Dirt Detect sensors. These sensors are ready to locate large piles of dirt and debris. Once pinpointed, the Roomba 675 boosts its suction until the mess is gone.

roomba 675

Design and Setup

The Roomba 675 measures 13 inches in diameter and three .7 inches high. It’s one of the taller robot vacuums we’ve tested, but it can still easily pass under most furniture.

On rock bottom, it’s two multi-surface brushes, the primary of which loosens and lifts dirt and other debris, and a second that pulls it into the suction channel. Several cliff sensors on rock bottom prevent it from falling down stairs or other edges.

Fixing the Roomba 675 mapping is straight forward. Improvement of dust detection system can be done by using sensors. You only got to plug the house base into the wall, remove the battery pull tab, and place it on the charger.

Key Considerations

  • Suction Power: 600 Pa
  • Cleaning Area: 1615 ft2
  • Dust Container: 350ml
  • Battery Capacity: 1800 mah
  • Run-time: 90 minutes
  • Noise: 62db
  • Height: 3.60 in

roomba 675


Roomba 670 vs 675 with major differences

Brush Style

The dual multi-surface rubber brushes of Roomba 670 perform well in collecting the hair of pets or anyone. There is no chance of twisting the hair in the brushes because these brushes are not with bristles. But you will find the brushes with bristles in Roomba 675 which can spoil the durability of the brushes by tangling hair or anything in the brushes.

The Detection of Dirt

The Dirt Detect is an advanced technology that is perfectly installed in Roomba 675. This alerts the sensor of Roomba 675 beforehand about the areas which are loaded with thick material thus works magically in those areas where more effort is required. If we compare Roomba 670 vs 675 then this important feature you will miss in Roomba 670.

Virtual Wall Detection with Dual Mode

This is a navigation control system that utilizes small gadgets that radiate an infra-red pillar that your Roomba won’t cross.

Like this, you can prevent the Roomba from entering specific regions. You can utilize it to close off a way that is up to 10 feet in length or limits the movement of Roomba in 4 feet boundary and ensures the safety of the furniture and delicate adornments like jars at home.

The dual-mode virtual walls detection is the quality of Roomba 670 which is missing in Roomba 675. Though it is not by default built-in but can be purchased separately.

Things which are the same in Roomba 670 and 675

It is true that Roomba 670 and Roomba 675 have the same components, the only difference is colour and model number. Here are the more significant highlights that these two shares practically.

  • Both robots clean the whole home within 90 minutes and they go themselves to the Home Base charging station to charge again.
  • Hardly you have encountered the AeroVac standard channel in any other model but these two: Roomba 670 and Roomba 675 have this standard filter.
  • Both of these robots are liked by the wireless feature. The wireless chip lets it listen to the command of the master by listening to the voice commands or voice controls.
  • These two models have come up with a bristle brush roller which helps them to lift and gather dust and filth.
  • Their compatibility cannot be doubted as both have dual-mode virtual wall barriers.
  • The navigation method is also the same i.e.: the original iAdapt sensor-based navigation system.
  • Genuine Cleaning is the attribute of both robots

The solid 600Pa vacuum pull power will send all the dust which is gathered from the carpet, and hair into the dustbin. Assuming you are stressed that the particles will recycle once again up high you inhale, you can unwind since each of the three models highlights the Aerovac channel that traps even the littlest particles of residue and boats them to the dustbin.

Aerovac channels can likewise deal with hair, pet hair, build-up, and cover fluff, however, it won’t get dust, allergens, and particles less than 10 microns.

Mapping and Navigation, Similar quality

Both of these models are fully loaded with intelligent navigation. they perform the guaranteed tasks for what they are made of.

Additionally, they include bluff sensors that will hold them back if there is any uneven place or there is a threat of collapsing with the furniture or falling down from the height. In this situation, those sensors may obstruct your robot to clean some deep places and it will be hard for them to figure out how to manage.

Roomba 670 and Roomba 675 with same Battery Life and charging

Both of them have 1,800 mAh lithium-ion battery which let them work whenever there are some hard surfaces, for more than standard minutes i.e 90 mins. They work with the level of intelligence that if they are out of battery auto- recharge will be activated by Roomba which lets them go back to the charging base. Within 2 hrs, they will be recharged again for more work.

 The cleaning system of Roomba 670 vs 675

The Roombas utilizes double multi-surface brushes that clear nearer to your floor. Indeed, the cleaner naturally changes the head and brushes to distinguish various sorts of floors just as the mess. The main brush roll will loosen up and lift debris, dust, or pet hair while the subsequent brush will push it towards the strong pull. Whereas the other brush will put force to throw it to the powerful suction.

Roomba 670 vs 675: Schedule Cleaning System

Both of them are helpful even when you are not at home. Set the clock and let them work in your absence.


Q. What does the body of the 675 include?

It has the central “CLEAN” button at the center of the robot with minimalist controls for easy usability. There is a lift-up handle on the top that allows you to easily carry the Roomba to another location when needed.

A soft bumper of Roomba 675 best price covers the front half of the Roomba 675, protecting your furniture as well as the robot itself from knocking into obstacles around the house as the vacuum navigates.

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