Roborock vs Roomba: Complete Guide and Assessment

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Whenever you go to the marketplace to buy a robot vacuum, you will always see the Roborock and Roomba brand. Among other manufacturer’s they are the top competitors. Both of the products are best in their areas of cleaning. However, if you are a newbie and don’t know which robot vacuum to go with, it’s completely alright! There is no shame in getting the right opinion from the experts. Thus, at the end of this page, you will know which product to go with. let’s do a roborock vs Roomba comparison.

In this article, we have compared at long lengths, along with every slight detail that matters in these vacuums. Therefore, you should know which robot vacuum is the best for you. The reason why these vacuums are extensively used is due to their convenience they provide. Unlike the chunky cleaners, they don’t require any assembling time, making them perfect to practice. Also, for small cleaning tasks, they have a pretty rapid rate.

So, without wasting a minute, let’s get into it.

roborock vs roomba

Some Major Differences:

Foundation: Roomba Vacuums are manufactured in Bedford, Massachusetts, USA. On the other side, Roborock belongs to Beijing. However, they have Branch, research, and management offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Roomba was founded in 1990 under the name iRobot. Yet, Roborock was founded in 2014. Only in some years, they have skyrocketed in the vacuum field.

Technology: Both the devices are enhanced with advanced technology. Yet, when we talk about the suction and primary cleaning power than Roomba is more superior. However, Roborock models have better navigation along that their vacuum cleaners have a 2 in 1 capability. You can use them like a vacuum as well as a mop.

Roborock Models: Roborock is a Chinese brand. Roborock models are less expensive than Roomba models, that’s the main reason behind their robust fame. Also, they are pretty popular due to their excellent navigation and 2 in 1 feature. Yes, you heard me right! It also does the work of moping ground alongside the cleaning.

Roborock models come in S and E series. The S series is a little hefty in price. Yet, they have quite a several models. Thus, if you are looking for more features, this series is the right choice. On the other hand, the E series models are among the budget category. They will provide you the essential features that are necessary for cleaning. In addition, you can connect them anywhere easily, with the help of a smart plug.

Recently, in March 2021, Roborock introduces its top gear in the market known as Roborock S7. They have done a slight upgradation in it by adding a larger dust bin and water tank capacity. You can also check the Roborock S6 MaxV, Roborock S6 Pure, and Roborock S5 max, among other cleaners.

For a budget cleaner, you can choose a Roborock E35/E30 and Roborock E25/E20.

roborock vs roomba

Roomba Models: The first Roomba model was introduced in the marketplace in 2002. After two years, they launched the first robot mop trailing that is close behind. Over the two decades, many models come and go. Currently, Roomba has five flagship models. In which the Roomba S9/S9+, Roomba i7/i7+ are pretty popular. Talking about specs, they can run smoothly for 75 minutes without slowing down a bit. All of their variants have scheduled cleaning and self-charging features.

In the upper versions, you will see a self-emptying feature. That’s rare to be seen in a robot vacuum. In a nutshell, if we describe them. They are the perfect combination of performance and speed.

Roborock vs Roomba Comparison: If we run a comparison between them, Roomba all versions utilize digital mapping. That helps a lot to clean the space more precisely and effectively. Also, they provide a digital mapping report of the cleaning sessions to the users. The self-cleaning bin also gives it an extra push in the cleaning performance. However, the user cannot create their custom cleaning control and specify the keep-out zones.

The Roborock is almost as much compatible as the Roomba. Along with the superb cleaning performance, they also support digital mapping. You can even control the robot with intelligent integration. That means app and voice control.

Better Navigation: Roborock  As we said earlier, Roborock works as a 2 in 1 robot vacuum. This feature allows it to work as a robot mop with an onboard moping reservoir. Along with the features like Digital mapping, No-go lines, scheduled cycles help in better navigation. Unlike the typical robots, Roborock models detect obstacles on their path. Therefore, they avoid them with ease.

Besides that, the digital mapping of Roborock is more exquisite and precise than the Roomba. Their graphics are more detailed, allowing a clear vision to the user. Overall, its cleaning performance scores 92% debris removal.

Better Performance: Roomba S9+:  Roomba S9+ is the latest piece of technology by iRobot manufacturers. These devices come with a self-emptying bin. Also, the auto-recharge technology allows the vacuum to keep working until the job gets done.

Moreover, the other intelligent features include digital mapping, keep-out zones, scheduled cleaning, and many more. At the same time, the cleaning performance of this robot is 99% debris removal.


Which robot vacuum is better for you?

Many factors are needed to be looked at. For instance, if you want to do cleaning on rugs and carpet. Then models like Roomba 675 are the best choice. They are best for cleaning all types of ground surfaces—especially carpets.

However, to clean and mop floors than Roborock is the finest choice. Along with the prime ground cleaning, they provide longer runtime. That’s 200 minutes vs. 90 minutes. Therefore, before investing your money in a device. It is essential to check your needs first.

Is a robot vacuum worth spending the money on?

Yes, they are worthy of your every single buck. For cleaning and moping, they are the most sophisticated tool present in the market. Along with that, they have lessened the workload for money people. You can even control them with the app and see the pattern they are forming while cleaning.

Are Robot vacuums being more superior to vacuum cleaners?

Unfortunately, robot vacuums don’t have that kind of power to operate like them. For cleaning and dusting purposes, they are good to use. Also, they are immensely lightweight, and most of them work on their own. Therefore, managing them is not a big issue.

For heavy-duty purposes, cleaners like HEPA Vacuum Cleaners are used. However, their management and their portability are an issue. Yet, they have the more powerful suction power to engage in every cleaning area more effectively.

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