Roborock vs Roomba [Best-Bugeted Review]

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When comparing the Roborock vs Roomba vacuum, you can see they both have different features, offering several models that come in amazing cleaning processes.

Both have different technologies, powerful suction power, and comes with exceptional navigation. You can elaborate on both of them and see what suits you the most. The best Oreck vacuum cleaners are means to be good in the suction best choice for your home.

Roborock Vaccum

Roborock E4 Robot Vacuum

roborock e4

This robot vacuum has the most impressive features based on navigation. It has a great sensor that can avoid stairs, hitting walls,s or stuck anywhere.

The Roborock vs Roomba Reddit avoids that place and cleans the house very efficiently with its best cleaning modes. It is the most budgeted vacuum that you may buy. The SEBO vacuum review with more cleaning powers and budgeted.


  • It cleans hard floors well, decent on carpets.
  • It can carry up to 0.64-liters of dry dirt.
  • Best navigating robot vacuum
  • Affordable


  • Not good at edge cleaning.
  • The mopping pad is sold separately.
Customer’s Review from Amazon: The robot suction power is great, it cleans really well and doesn’t scatter debris around. it will also automatically increase suction too high once detect carpet and will clean until the battery reaches a low level then go back to the dock and recharge to resume cleaning from the same spot it finished. Its accuracy is really good as long as it was not manually interrupted or placed in a different spot. The robot tries its best not to get tangled with wires and succeeds in most cases. The path of cleaning if the dock is placed in the middle of apartment is unpredicted but eventually, it will get the entire apartment cleaned and record all the spot that was done. I think if it’s placed at one end of the apartment the path will be more predicted.

Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum

roborock s6

This robot vacuum is best at its performance. It detects dirt, debris, baking powder, or any dust. It comes with digital mopping.

This cleans up to 180 minutes and doubles the work of cleaning and mop. It comes with 140ml with 2000Pa suction power. It picks up to 89% of debris from the carpet.


  • Vacuums and mops
  • Strong suction power
  • Large water tank and mopping plate
  • Integrates with Amazon Alexa
  • Allows for scheduled cleanings
  • Supports virtual boundaries


  • Expensive
  • Lackluster obstacle avoidance technology
Customer’s Review from Amazon: Vacuum the floor and mop it perfectly, much better than if I did it, the robot looks very good, good quality, very necessary functions such as cleaning only certain areas or rooms, or creating a virtual boundary, really very happy with the robot. The application to be downloaded is Roborock’s. Save up to 4 maps, I am very good for houses with different floors. the robot knows which floor it is on. This function of recognizing floors and saving several maps has been integrated, and you can really now fully exploit its aforementioned functions. 100% recommendable.

Roborock Robot Vacuum and Mop

roborock robot vacuum

This amazing vacuum comes with the best smart sensing and navigation system. It has a resume setup that goes to its charging dock when the battery is low. And resume after it is fully charged from its ends.

It cleans the home in less time leaving no spots in mopping and of course no dust, debris, or pet hair on the carpet, floors, or anywhere. The best heap vacuum cleaners are the best for cleaning your home in less time.


  • Powerful suction.
  • Comes with a mopping attachment.
  • Strong navigation with virtual barriers.
  • Long battery life.
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control.


  • Buggy app.
  • Small dustbin.
  Customer’s Review from Amazon: It seems like it doesn’t do anything, but when you check the garbage, it can surprise you! Pretty warrior to climb different edges or unstuck. You can schedule schedules, make a map but it is only informative. The mopping part is not a big deal but it helps. You can substitute the one that passed the same you will have to mop on your own. The support tool for me to break just by touching it … But it still seems to work. Yes, I recommend it.

Roomba robot vacuum

iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum

roomba 675

This Roborock vs Roomba mop robot vacuum comes in 13 inches in diameter with 3.7 inches high and that can easily pass through your furniture.

It is good for cleaning pet hairs on the rugs, the baking powder, salt, or anything in powder form. This Roborock vs Roomba can clean under the bed. Also, the mopped floor of any type with the best performance leaves no spots and cleans edges and corners.


  • Rarely gets stuck
  • Supports app and voice control
  • Allows for scheduled cleanings
  • Automatically adjusts to different floor surfaces
  • Detects and focuses on heavily soiled areas


  • Missed some debris on carpeting in testing
  Customer’s Query from Amazon: I had been wanting one of these Roombas for years. Finally ordered one a few days ago on Cyber Monday. Arrived two days ago. It worked very well. BUT having said that, it just seemed to take me more time and inconvenience to go around the house to pick things up that it could get stuck on or suck up. Also because it goes around the house kind of randomly it did miss spots. Maybe it would eventually get back to those spots but the battery died. Not sure if it starts all over again each time after recharging but it seemed like it followed the same pattern. It would be really helpful to those who would not have time to vacuum on their own, but I do have the time although I hate vacuuming. For the money, I’d rather buy a good quality stick vacuum and do it myself. Just my two cents worth!

iRobot Roomba i7+ robot vacuum

roomba i7

This vacuum is amazing in cleaning the home floor and best in mopping. The attractive feature is that it empties itself after the bin is full. The Roborock vs irobot mop is an automatic vacuum that remembers different floors and mops on any hard floor. It has a large dustbin that empties itself and cleans your home in less time.


  • Self-emptying dustbin.
  • Multistory mapping.
  • Excellent camera-based navigation.
  • Automatic room recognition.
  • Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility.


  • Noisy.
  • Clean Base is bulky.
Customer’s Query from Amazon: Buyer beware: I was told by iRobot customer support that the smartphone app is what triggers the “start” of scheduled cleaning and that if the smartphone is not connected to a WiFi (not cellular) network at the time of the scheduled start, the Roomba robot will not start automatically cleaning according to what the user-programmed. I was told this doesn’t have to be the same (ie home) WiFi network, but in fact could be any wifi network, such as a place of work, or public wifi. While none of this makes sense to me, nor do I view this as a good design, this is what I was told. I am disappointed to find out that one of the best features of Roomba, ie unattended scheduled cleanings, doesn’t work unless the user and his or her smartphone are connected to Wifi at the scheduled time. This makes the price tag a bit too high for my taste if any of this is true. If this is not true, then iRobot needs to train its customer support staff better.

iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum

roomba 614

This vacuum comes with powerful suction from hard floors and carpets. It cleans out debris, dust from carpets, rugs, and floors. The Roborock vs Roomba has intelligent sensors that detect dust and it offers efficient cleaning under the bed and breathes the kitchen cabinet.


  • Batteries last longer
  • Cleans everywhere
  • Inexpensive


  • Not Great Air Filtration
  Customer’s Review from Amazon: I have a dog and 2 women living with me. The hair this thing gets is crazy. It’s a challenge to keep it happy with hair getting in the rollers, all rollers get jammed with hair. Other than that my allergies have been easier on me, and the dust is a lot less in the house. I am on single-level 2000sqft. I run it most days daily dump the bin and every other week find some reason to clean out the hair. The first month was the worst with hair, after a couple of months it’s not too bad. I have had it going for 8 months now and will keep this updated if there is a problem.


The vacuum cleaner must be good at cleaning and mopping. The sensors may detect the dust, debris, and dirt from any type of floor. It may mop any kind of hard floor. Also cleaning the dust from the carpet, rugs must be efficient.

The navigation system also is good so it can detect and prevent itself from stairs, and hitting the walls also. It must be also less in price so you can afford it.


Which robot vacuum has the best mapping?

Roomba vacuums are more efficient in mopping rather than others.

Can Roomba detect dog poop?

It is horrifying to know that it may spread the poop all over the house. Their sensors do not detect it.

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