Pure Clean Robot Vacuum Cleaner [Brief Review]

Pure Clean Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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This pure clean robot vacuum comes with multiple brushes that clean and also mop the floor. It has a HEPA filter that is laser-guided and also it is a self-emptying vacuum. It is best for the suction of debris and pet hair.

Also, it disallows dirt to escape in the air. You can get this vacuum at the budgeted price and is very affordable with its excellent features you will love. You can get a shark ion robot vacuum av 751 for your home cleaning in less time.


robot vacuum

  • Dust Capacity:0.1 gal
  • Cleaning Method: Dry
  • Cleaner Type: Robotic
  • Dust Collection: Bagless
  • Manufacturer: Pyle Audio
  • Width:11 in
  • Depth:11 in
  • Height:2.9 in
  • Weight:4.41 lbs
  • Battery Capacity:850 mAh
  • Full Charge Time: 4 hour(s)
  • Voltage: 110 / 220 V
  • Operating Autonomy: 55 min
  • Dust Capacity: 0.1 gallon
  • Details: sensor technology, soft bumper, washable filter


robot vacuum

  • Low cost for a robot vacuum
  • Cleans well on hard floor types
  • It alerts you with a beep when it gets stuck.
  • With its anti-fall sensors, you don’t have to worry about it suffering damage from falls.
  • Being only 2.9 inches in height, it can access hard-to-reach places such as areas under the bed or couch.


  • It doesn’t have a dock, so you need to look for it when it’s done or when its batteries are out.
  • The collection bin fills up quickly even though it’s far from being full.
  Customer’s Query from Amazon: This is my third robot cleaner. The first was a more expensive brand-name cleaner. My son borrowed it and didn’t work when he brought it back. The second was a Christmas present that would not work on the carpet. This one is the best of the three. It has a remote that works perfectly. The vacuum has a home button that tells the vacuum to return to the charger. the pure clean robot vacuum replacement parts also work well on carpet, hardwood, and vinyl. This pure clean robot vacuum manual cleans all rugs with the exception of one which neither of the others would clean either. I have a white dog who sheds terribly and it picks up dog hair great. I have not received the product free or at a discount for my review. I would highly recommend this product. I usually don’t leave reviews unless the item is great or if it is terrible. This item is great and I have had it for quite a few weeks now.

Customer’s Query from Amazon

robot vacuum

when the battery runs low; does it recharge and finish cleaning. also, how will it know when it’s done the whole floor? thanks ……. Jim

If you have not purchased this yet, I don’t recommend you do. It gets stuck on everything, and it does not automatically finish cleaning after charging. If you have pets, it won’t pick up the dog hair. We have owned a refurbished Bissell and they are definitely worth it. I won’t go cheap on a vacuum again.


This pure clean robot vacuum manual is very classy made and is very lightweight with a modern design. It is only 2.9 inches tall and can easily go under the furniture and beneath the bed. This robot cleaner offers the best sensors level that is very safe and keeps the vacuum avoid the stairs, hitting walls, or being stuck.

It can navigate from one room to another for cleaning. This pure clean robot vacuum collects dirt, debris, pet hair, and empty itself when it is full. The Sebo vacuum cleaner has the great suction power that picks up any dust from the floor ad rugs.


robot vacuum

This pure clean robot vacuum reviews cleans very efficiently and has great suction power. This robot vacuum is very good at cleaning debris and pet hair. This suction power cleans carpets, rugs, and mats.

It takes out the powder, dust, and dirt from the floor of any type. This robot vacuum is highly appreciated in cleaning and mopping on every type of floor. The heap vacuum cleaner is very powerful in cleaning and mopping.

Other features

This pure clean robot vacuum replacement parts budgeted vacuum has the ability to clean the floor within less time and it is self-programming and also it is emptied itself when the bin is full.

The unit measures 11.3 X 11.3 X 2.3 inches with no vacuuming power but a powerful suction at picking up the pet hair, dust, and the side brushes from the edges. It has settings of clean modes on rugs, floors with a smart navigation system.

Final verdict

This pure clean robot vacuum is a device that comes with multiple features claiming excellent suction power. It has a battery life that can run for hours. It is easy to operate and clean.

You can set it and charge it.  The pure clean robot vacuum target empties itself when the bin is full. It comes in inches that can easily clean beneath furniture and the bed. You can get them at an affordable price. Hope this article may help you.


Does Roomba have suction?

This Roomba has the best suction power with a different shape that easily clean from rugs, carpets and mop also with its great suction powers.

Should I run my Roomba every day?

You can run your Roomba vacuum often once a week or twice a week.

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