ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum review

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A persistent vacuum is never seen before with more than enough efficiency before the entry of ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum in the market.

It has become essential to highlight the outclass features of it and promote it because it is a flawless product that doesn’t deserve any critique. It works for what it is designed for in an accurate way.

iLife V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Review on Design

ilife vacuum

The iLife V3s Pro is an upgraded model of iLife. It looks surprisingly like its kin, the iLife V5s Pro, however, it comes in a white cover and its bumpers in the surrounding area of black and white.

At 3 inches high, the somewhat raised lip on the facade of the vac holds the V3s Pro back from daring to where it may stall out.

It is designed in a way that doesn’t let it get stuck anywhere; its little raised lip at the front is purposefully designed which takes it to the places where needed without getting stuck. The best self-cleaning vacuums are best to use at home as they clean themselves and clean house same time.

Having ilife vacuum cleaner 2-3 spoke brushes whose function is to spin once the vacuum is started, releasing garbage and directing it toward the robot’s gullet.

As with other iLife robot vacuums, the V3s Pro misses the mark on turning roller brush, selecting a 3-inch pull. And the suction function opening that pipes trash straightforwardly into the dustbin.

The size of the ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum dustbin is similar to the lunchbox, fixed in the middle of the vacuum underneath the white cover and has a yellow handle, and overall gives a complete functional system to the vacuum.

Though for ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum, it is tough to collect the larger debris on a low pile carpet it somehow manages to clean it too. Shark lon R85 roller brushes are used in this magical vacuum which is a surety of best performance.

iLife V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Review on Setup

In a blink of an eye, you can set up the iLife v3 Pro robot to gear it up for work. You just need to flip the power switch and charge it. The positive point of this vacuum is that the power adapter works appropriately with the base and robot itself.

Self-charging, programmable schedule, smart sensors for anti-bump, and anti-fall are the features that any standard vacuum provides. These all are by all means there in iLife V3S Pro. The robot Roomba 694 vs 692 vacuum has the latest features to clean the home and the unreachable entire area.

There is no reason to reject this tiny ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum technology that has the capacity to work bigger.

The robotic vacuum cleaner’s 3 cleaning modes are the entire floor, edge, and spot cleaning of iLife V3s Pro due to which the vacuum gradually turns into a spiral as it centers around one specific area.

In your budget, you can clean up the surfaces or tiles no matter how hard they are. This vacuum is there to give your home a complete look with auto cleaning even the onion peels can also be sucked by this vacuum.

The testing

ilife vacuum

The test was done in a test lab to check the progress of this vacuum. Surprisingly, it picked even the thick and thin pieces of bread crumbs which were spread all over the area randomly. Whereas other models of the same company are not efficient to collect all the pieces.

Thus, in the end, iLife V3s Pro proved it to be a high-ranked entertainer for houses or offices. The valuable observation is that it very quickly picked the pet or human hair from all kinds of surfaces.

In the same lab at the same time, other models and brands were also evaluated but the robotic vacuum cleaner was the one in particular that accomplished flawlessness on this test.

The pro robot cleaner vacuum’s exhibition was amazingly better compared to the Eufy RoboVac 11s and iLife V5s Pro’s which just tidied up 75% of pet hair on the cover.

If you have kids at home, they are habitual of creating a mess by eating and munching the chips, cereals, etc.

Over here just trust iLife V3s Pro which fulfills its promise of clean and tidy surroundings. It cleans 94.2% of debris from the carpet which is a good average.

 ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Review on Speed

ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum is functioning normally for 1 and a half hours. Its battery strongly works without getting slow by passing time.

While the iLife V3s Pro is a noteworthy cleaner, the rationale behind its developments constantly sounds good to us. The machine was especially fascinated over and over cleaning the hall and under the sofa. You can control it with the remote too for more satisfaction. The best handheld vacuum is easy to carry and handle for cleaning.

iLife V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Review on Noise

Though from other models, the noise is a little louder if we see on its professional commitment. One can easily compromise on this minute flaw.

Final Verdict

For an average pocket, the handheld ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum is the best robot vacuum for you. Regardless of whether you’re not on a tight spending plan, at $160, the iLife V3s Pro is an astounding decision. Undoubtedly, the iLife V3s Pro is one of the most incredible modest robot vacuums around which one can rely blindly.

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