Eufy Video Doorbell Review: Keep an Eye on Your Doorstep

Eufy Video Doorbell Review
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Are you tired of spending a hefty sum on doorbells? Why does my doorbell keep getting disconnect after some time? If you face this kind of issue with your doorbell, you have landed on the right page. There’s no doubt it’s challenging to find a sound doorbell security system for your home. However, it’s difficult yet not impossible!

Our team has found out the best doorbell system available in the market by researching for long hours. In this article, we will do the eufy doorbell review. The doorbell system offers a 2k resolution along with the other salient features. Plus, the wireless doorbell is connectable with Alexa. So, enjoy several features within seconds.

Hence, without wasting any more time, let’s begin the Eufy video doorbell review.

eufy video doorbell review

The eufy doorbell camera works more than a standard monitoring setup. Unlike the other doorbells, the eufy camera supports military-grade data encryption. In this way, the recorded video remains protected in the storage. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes pretty challenging to see the person clearly on the screen in dark places. And, unfortunately, this issue is pervasive in every doorbell setup.

However, the eufy doorbell camera portrays the person’s face. Not only that, with sufficient back lightings, you will monitor the activity in day and night situations. In addition, the eufy camera clearly displays the person with the full angle length. Furthermore, the camera will display in the 4:3 ratio. So, you will be able to see the person’s hands and legs. Again, fun holiday tones are also featured in the eufy doorbell.

Besides that, when a person approaches your screen, the device will automatically take a screenshot and will notify you with a notification. In addition, an action zone feature is also available in the camera. From that, you can detect the motion of a person where is moving and all of its activity. The video doorbell provides the picture 3 sec in advance before the person connects with the doorbell.

In case you are not in the mood to talk with someone or are busy somewhere else. Just like your phone technology, you can also record three responses. After that, the user will get notified, and you can straightforwardly deal with the stuff you are facing. The eufy wireless doorbell also gets connected with the Amazon Alexa and Google voice assistant. Hence, you can monitor the front door whenever you are free or have nothing to do.

Unlike the other competitor doorbells, there’s no subscription required for the eufy video doorbell. However, everything comes with a price, and the eufy video doorbell is pretty expensive, as per by few customers. For example, the eufy 2k doorbell costs $119.00. Consider this a final investment, as the eufy video doorbells are highly durable and don’t expire like the impoverished ones.

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eufy video doorbell review


  • Crystal clear 2K image
  • Respond in real-time
  • Supports AI technology
  • Adjustable volume level
  • Holiday-themed ringtones


  • Fairly expensive

Buy: Eufy Video Doorbell at $119.99

Buying Guide:

To purchase a doorstep doorbell, few things contribute as a critical role. So, you must consider them if you are solo hunting for the product.

Camera Quality: The primary purpose of the doorbell camera is to look at the person who is outside. In this regard, the resolution plays a key role. Unfortunately, most of the camera offers blurry picture results, and in evening times, the effects become more destitute. Therefore, you must check out the resolution that is provided on the doorbell. Otherwise, it’s nothing more than a waste of money.

Phone Connectivity: You can only access a higher level of function with the phone. To enable that, your phone must connect to the doorstep. However, it can only be possible with the built-in application. Therefore, look if the connectivity option is accessible with the doorbell or not. In addition, if you find that option accessible, then also look for applications such as Alexa. That will make your life hell of a lot easier.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to install eufy doorbell?

To install the eufy doorbell, the process is incredibly effortless. First of all, select the desired network and then add the password. Next, connect the chime and wait until the light turns blue. Once done, tap the connect button in the application. In the end, press the button to ensure that the connection has been established.

How to connect eufy doorbell to Alexa?

Firstly, check if the camera is working perfectly and is connected with the application. Next, open the Alexa application and search for the “EufySecurity” skill. Turn on the (skill) option and link the security account with the Alexa application. Finally, check out a few of the commands, utilize your camera name, and then you are all set up.

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Final Thoughts:

Nowadays, every intelligent house needs to have an electric doorbell setup. Yet, buying a high configuration doorbell system is not that easy task. Numerous complications can arise. That’s why for your assistance, we came up with the Eufy video doorbell review. If these specs suit your requirements, don’t hesitate to purchase as it’s worth an investment.

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