Dolphin Robotic Cleaner : The Most Easiest Pool Cleaning Solution

Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner- Best In-Ground Pool Cleaner
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Having a pool at your home is a really fun and cool spot to hang out. The time that we spend in the pool might be the best time but the one spent to clean it is not so great. Cleaning pools can be really hard unless you have an automatic pool cleaner to do all of the dirty work for you. You get a lot of options in the market for pool cleaning robots and all of them work great, but today we will be talking about the latest one. Maytronics Dolphin’s premier robotic pool cleaner has all the premium features and modern technology. This pool is surely one of the best for in-ground pools because of the powerful DC motor that can’t be compared with any other robot pool cleaner in this price tag.

This pool cleaning robot delivers the most for the bucks you pay and after getting it, you surely will not be disappointed. The time that you save while cleaning with this model pays off all the money and we think its price is very reasonable. The filtration process of this Maytronics dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner makes it shine. This little boy is packed with the latest smart features that allow it to completely clean off a 50ft pool in as little as 3 hours.

Here we have a complete review to let you know if this one will work for you or not.

Smart Features of the Maytronics pool cleaner

This is obvious that you get what you pay for, but sometimes you get a lot more than that. The same is the case with this dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner because it has so many great features packed in that will amaze you. Here are some features of this inground pool cleaner:

  • 50 ft inground pool cleaner
  • 3 hour of cleaning time
  • 60 ft long cord
  • 3-year warranty
  • Dual 180 watts powerful DC motor, 24-volt motor
  • Mapping and navigation system SmartNav
  • It has a built-in system to avoid any obstacles in the way.
  • LED indicator to change debris bag
  • Weekly timer
  • Separate remote control available 
  • Swivel cord to ensure it doesn’t entangle 


  • Easy to maintain and use
  • Modular design 
  • Swivel cord that doesn’t entangle
  • SmartNav navigation and mapping system allow the robot pool cleaner to efficiently perform the task without any damage and reduce the cost.


  • The debris bag is extra large so it can be hard to clean it
  • Doesn’t perfectly clean the steps



In-Built Navigation System in the Pool Cleaning Robot

SmartNav mapping system is built in this robot pool cleaner so that it efficiently cleans the walls, waterline, and pool floors quickly and neatly. There are many cleaners that don’t clean the walls all the way up but this Maytronics dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner is a perfect automatic pool cleaner for in-depth pools.

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Maytronics pool cleaner Filtration

It has multiple options for filtration that you can select depending on your preferences. It has a large fine filter bag, ultra-fine cartridge filters, and bottom load cartridge filters as well. You can easily add and detach the cartridges so the cleaning process is quick and simple. There are 4 different modes of cleaning and when the combination of all of them is on, it cleans your pool like you just filled in freshwater. It will not just take away all the sticks, leaves, and dirt but also the algae that make the water unhygienic. 

It is very common that algae grow in stagnant water but your Maytronics dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner will fix everything in just 3 hours. Disposable bags are available in the market so you can separately get them. The bags are extra-large so all the debris is collected without any interference. If there are trees around the pool, this bag will be really helpful as all the leaves, buds, seeds, and tree sticks will be collected easily. The machine of this inground pool cleaner can be washed but you can also just clean it with a hose. 


Dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner Energy Usage

Most of the pool cleaning robots have AC powered motors but this Maytronics dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner comes with a powerful DC motor that uses 90% less energy than the other ones. There are two scrubbing brushes and complete software for navigation, we think all of these features make it a great robot pool cleaner. 

You can set a weekly schedule that your robot pool cleaner will follow and make your life easier. Buyers love it not just because it saves the cost of energy, but it also saves you from putting extra effort into the cleaning process. This way the Maytronics dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner has a tendency to keep your inground swimming pool clean and hygienic all the time. 

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