DJI Osmo 4 vs 5: which is right for you?

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Create magnetic moments with the DJI Osmo 4 and 5. Both are the outclass mobile accessories especially for Vloggers or the people who indulge in shooting by creating the content. They are very trendy nowadays so it is really essential to get the wholesome information about them and what one is having which the other is missing. DJI Osmo 4 vs 5 will give you a detailed comparison to choose the right one according to your use.

Though the latest version of DJI is DJI Osmo 5 but to know what upgrade it has bought we take you to the DJI Osmo 4 too.

DJI OM 5 with distinction

The DJI OSMO has launched the latest smartphone gimbal with many key features which distinguish it from its siblings DJI OSMO 4 which is extension rod, upgraded ActiveTrack, front flashlight accessory, upgraded phone clamp, wider smartphone compatibility, etc.

Completely lighter and more modest than its ancestors, the Osmo Mobile 5 is a foldable and effectively portable gimbal, ideal for vloggers and content makers.

New Shot Guides highlight pre-set shooting instructional exercises or tutorials and helps in automatic editing into one polished video – extraordinary for new videographers. Moreover, you can have them in two colors: Sunset White and Athens Grey.

The Osmo Mobile 5; DJI’s most recent Osmo Mobile Phone Gimbal is launched with a loud noise in the market. This lightweight and foldable gimbal with speedy delivery attractive magnetic clamp is a fundamental tool for catching smooth artistic and cinematic content with your smartphone.

It has refreshed elements which are incorporating an implicit built-in extension rod, new Shot Guides component, and front blaze light accessory, as well as a suite of smart shooting modes, for example, signal control, gesture control, dynamic zoom, and pivoting and rotating gimbal, the OM 5 beats a lot of boxes for vloggers and content makers.

For sure, it is a great piece of technology which will almost certainly draw clients who need to add a cell phone gimbal in their carry bag, or are in urgent need of an updated gimbal.

DJI osmo 4 vs 5

Buy: DJI Osmo 5 at $159.00

DJI Osmo 4 vs 5; a comparison

The in-depth comparison of DJI Osmo 4 and DJI Osmo 5 will clarify more about the difference between both of them

Similar Design

The DJI Osmo 4 and DJI Osmo 5 both have the same apparent design. Both do good by folding and taking anywhere you want to without feeling the extra burden. Both of them help you to create your content as a vlogger with their tripod functionality.

DJI’s claim of advanced Osmo 5 is true that it is the smallest and the lightest which is 1/3 tiny than its old versions.

Buy: DJI Osmo 4 at $149.00

Dimensions Unfolded: 264.5 x 111.1 x 92.3 mm

Folded: 174.7 x 74.6 x 37 mm

Unfolded: 276 x 119.6 x 103.6 mm

Folded: 163 x 99.5 x 46.5 mm

Weight Gimbal: 292 g

Magnetic Phone Clamp: 34 g

Gimbal: 390 g

Magnetic Phone Clamp: 32.6 g

Magnetic Ring Holder: 11.4 g

Design and Results

One of the champion elements of the OM 4 was a noteworthy attractive magnetic design, empowering clients to rapidly attach and detach their smartphones from the gimbal. It was a great touch, and the OM 5 proceeds with this pattern. However, OMSO is providing a newly designed clamp that is giving better security.

There is one additional factor in OSMO 5 which is a versatile clamp that lets any other models attach with it and make your adventures more wonderful. A more pleasing factor is a built-in extension rod which is missing in OMSO 4. The shooting opportunities for content creation in a more advanced form are possible in OSMO 5.

DJI osmo 4 vs 5

Clamp accessory

The Fill Light Phone Clamp accessory in OMSO 5 makes it stand out among other models. Buy this magnetic clamp separately and enjoy shooting in darkness or in low light. The auxiliary light has 3 levels of brightness which is again having 3 color temperature choices that allow you to feature subjects with incredible lighting any place you go. The best point is that it is compatible with OMSO 4 too.

Additional Button

DJI has added another button in OSMO 5 to the handle, which is for the client’s easy access and control feature and has a capacity to work faster and simpler.

Colors with infinite style

OSMO 4 comes in one color whereas the upgraded version OSMO 5 is in the market with 2 shiny colors.

Flawless Stability

Both OSMO 4 and OSMO 5 perform equally when it comes to the point of stability. These two accessories have high-grade three-axis (forward-backward, left-right, and side-to-side), which completely helps in capturing the moment while walking or any sports match without shaking coverage.

For additional stability, the two forms of the gimbal benefit from Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) , an innovative technology when in the Timelapse, Motionlapse, or Hyperlapse modes for an additional degree of perfection.

Some intelligent Features

The intelligent modes and capacities to function in both OMSO 5 and OMSO 4 are there for the people to record quality content without any problem. OMSO 5 is a step ahead in features which makes it stand out.

Perhaps the greatest redesign is the OM 5’s incorporation of the recently refreshed ActiveTrack 4.0, which currently upholds up to 3x zoom at 5 m/s, and definitively recognizes and consistently follows the subject focused in the frame, even during performing an action. It is an upgraded model of the OM 4’s ActiveTrack 3.0 useful function.

The highlighted feature in OMSO 5 is Shot Guides which gives up to 30 sets of pre-set shooting instructional exercises or tutorials and assists automatic editing and converting it into a refined video. For the newcomers who are inclined towards videography, it is proved to be a plus point.

Buy: DJI Osmo 5 at $159.00

Glamor Effects Function

The automatic retouching and personalized parameter settings are incorporated in OMSO 5.

This mode knows when to automatically get activated especially while switching to the front-facing camera.

Some same intelligent features

Gesture Control Use hand movements to start and stop video recording or take photos. This is incredible for selfies or recording films.
DyamicZoom An outwardly and visually engaging artistic cinematic look, consequently changes the zoom capacity to make the sensational background shift made well known by Alfred Hitchcock.
Panoramas There are 3 creative panorama choices to catch a more extensive viewpoint including 3×3 panorama display, 240°panorama, and “CloneMe” panorama which permits the client to add various forms of an individual or subject into a single shot for an extraordinary and inventive impact.
Spin Shot Gimbal Movement Activated in the DJI Mimo application and utilizing the joystick, the gimbal will turn or rotate the mobile to give a spinning impact front-facing camera flash.

Timelapse, Motionlapse, Hyperlapse are also the features of both OM 5 and OM 4. Story Mode Templates are additionally accessible with both.

This empowers clients to look over one of the pre-set templates to add an imaginative twist to content and uses pre-set movements, music, and color ranges for speedy recordings ideal for sharing on social media. The two gimbals work with the DJI Mimo application.

Price of DJI OM 5 v DJI OM 4

On launching, the OM 5 is £139. This addresses extraordinary worth, particularly as this incorporates a range of accessories, for example, magnetic clamp, tripod, power cable, wrist strap, and storage pouch. Initially the OMSO 4 was having the same price but later it sold for £118.

DJI osmo 4 vs 5

Buy: DJI Osmo 4 at $149.00


The DJI OSMO series is winning the market by smartphone gimbals and the launch of OSMO 5 is the reason for maintaining its position. Both models OSMO 4 and 5 are noteworthy and progressive models with revolutionary features like magnetic clamp. The OSMO 5 with an upgraded version is becoming more center of attention as compared to OMSO 4. To improve the content creation for example extension rod, the full light accessory, and additionally, smartphone compatibility, are ultra-features in these gambles.


Q1: What is the distinction between Osmo 4 and 5?

A: One large contrast in the Osmo Mobile 4 Osmo Mobile 5 is the new and updated ActiveTrack 4.0 mode on the OM 5. This upgraded version of the past ActiveTrack accompanies a shiny new automatic face tracking feature for selfie mode, making it a lot simpler to catch your moments with the best angles along with video quality.

Q2: Is DJI Osmo 4 worth purchasing?

A:  When you are searching for the most recent gimbal innovative technology in 2020, DJI OM 4 is the most ideal decision. Including an attractive speedy magnetic quick release design and more help for heavier smartphones, DJI OM 4 is an extraordinary decision for clients searching for the best telephone gimbal in 2020.

Q3: Among DJI Osmo, which one is the best?

A: If you are searching for the smartphone gimbal that is versatile, simpler to heft around, portable , and offers numerous intelligent modes, Osmo Mobile 3 is a fabulous decision for you. Osmo Mobile 3 highlights a redesigned plan and execution contrasted with Osmo Mobile 2, guaranteeing you can constantly shoot splendid footage.

Q4: How much weight can the DJI OM 4 deal with?

A: DJI redesigned the interior engine of the gimbal, which permits the gimbal arm to deal with bigger, heavier phones.  Previously, its limit was 230g for compatible smartphone weight but recently OMS0 4 can deal with a phone that weiaghs over 300g.

Q5: Would you be able to utilize DJI OM 4 with a mobile case?

A: It isn’t prescribed to connect the ring holder to a telephone case. Telephone cases can be utilized with the attractive magnetic telephone clamp.

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