DJI Mavic 2 enterprise vs Mavic 2 enterprise
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An in-depth look at which one is better: DJI is consistently offering different series in Mavic and Mavic 2 Enterprise. Mavic 2 Enterprise Advance is one of the designs empowered with the multiple duties which no ordinary drone can perform. There is a slight difference between both of them otherwise both of them are a thing hard to be avoided. This difference can be observed by viewing 2x digital and 2x electronic zoom in Mavic 2 Zoom whereas if we see DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise, it serves with 2x digital and 3x electronic zoom. Let’s review DJI MAVIC 2 ENTERPRISE vs MAVIC 2 ENTERPRISE ADVANCE.

You can find the improved version in MAVIC 2 ENTERPRISE ADVANCE with 8 GB to 24 GB which is a blessing for the ones who don’t rely on the memory cards.


This model is best for critical drone operations. It is fully equipped with a powerful thermal and visual sensor and has much commercial value by possessing high accurate RTK Technology and A 32X Digital Zoom.

DJI is a company working for ages by presenting civilian drones and aerial imaging technology. This new version ‘MAVIC 2 ENTERPRISE ADVANCE’ emerged with a force of performing some complicated professional missions and tasks without any hindrance. This is called a commercial drone and is considered to be highly efficient with various capacities like cutting edge thermal and RGB camera; the RTK module causes centimeter-level positioning accuracy.


With all the modern reviews and aspects, this new version has come up with better precision and higher goals of resolution for thermal and visual sensors. This device though has basic components but much efficiently improved ones to play out a task well.

Investigation experts will actually want to pinpoint abandons and abnormalities with better detail and perform activities and upkeep all the more adequately. Ultimately, specialists on call and firemen will actually want to rapidly find casualties, distinguish problem areas, and screen fire dangers eventually saving many from drastic sufferings.

Strong dual Sensor: The dual sensor is reserved in this drone with HD 640 x 512 thermal resolution cameras and 48 MP visual cameras with ½ CMOS sensor. These all contribute to identifying the problems for the betterment and appropriate decisions. A 30 Hz frame rate of the thermal camera permits ±2°C temperature measurement accuracy. This latest technology lets the flyer switch between visual, thermal, or split view feeds which is the requirement of various projects.

A highly versatile and compact drone with high-resolution camera sensors is capable of supporting 32x digital zoom and 16 x thermal zoom. To record HD images and 4K video from some distance are the ultimate reality of this drone through which inspection missions can be succeeded.


Some more features

Spot meter gives a heroic quality to the drone by enabling it to capture the object from a distance with vivid images or videos.

Area Measurement doesn’t let any of the parts overheat and create the alerts: The Centimeter Level Positioning System is the high ranked quality in this drone. The DJI RTK module is the reason for bringing the centimeter-level accuracy. The NTRIP is assisted by this system which is considerable for the power-line inspections. This is the only device that plays a vital role in a complex setting. The fastest forward and backward speed takes this drone to the ground in an emergency by understanding the hurdles in the surroundings. This device is much lightweight and portable and can be carried anywhere without feeling a burden.

Data and Flight Security: All humans’ worries about gadgets like laptops, mobile and drones are commonly related to the data safety and the security of the device. The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced has many outstanding features like whatever you will collect or capture during the flight will remain safe and sound. This type of drone can be controlled by the DJI Pilot App which gives the solution of protection of the data after getting on the Local Data Mode which is the feature or one of the several ways to secure your data.

Safety at your disposal: How this is going to work needs some understanding that once you activate the app, Local Data Mode will not allow the DJI App to send or receive any type of data from the internet. This will definitely discourage random data transferring during the flights with some serious purposes related to government projects and any confidential aims. You can put a password too for more protection in this 24 GB Mavic 2 Enterprise Advance.

The AirSense system is also not worth ignoring. The function of it is to receive ADS-B signals from all the Aircraft which alerts the pilot of the drone from any nearby traffic as it has 6 directional obstacle sensors.

Equipped with Modular Accessories: The design of this drone is a full package. It has many accessories like a spotlight, speaker, beacon, and smart controller system. It helps in completing the mission whatsoever you have at a professional level with all the productivity.

A drone with a powerful spotlight highlights all the hidden objects and takes you where your eye wants to reach with 2400 lumens brightness. It doesn’t let you disappoint in your mission and work at the same pace in smog, smoke, and fog too.

Videos without the recording of the voice have less effectiveness than those which record the voices too. With 100 decibels and a maximum 1-meter distance, this advanced technology drone can record numerous voices in the surroundings additionally it has the approach to get connected with the people at the ground which is of much attraction for the ones who are doing some important missions through drones.

Mavic 2 Enterprise Advance is presented with more extension of features which hardly other drones can have like Beacons, which let this drone work efficiently from 3 miles away in the darkness without collapsing with any hurdle due to low light.

Apart from the beacon and working in the low light this drone is capable of working in the stark sunlight too and provides a 5.5-inch 1080p display with the maintenance of a clear picture on the remote control.

For more information, this drone flies for 31 minutes with a speed of 72km/h (45mph)

The Ocusync 2.0 transmission is the reason for stable connectivity among remote control and drone even with the range of 10 km.


DJI MAVIC 2 ENTERPRISE with fewer capabilities than ADVANCE

Drones have turned into essential machinery for business applications, further developing security, expanding effectiveness, and conveying marvelous time and cost reserve funds across enterprises. The only barrier is the much higher cost but if we look at their work, the price is justified.

DJI MAVIC 2 ENTERPRISE has fewer unique features than DJI MAVIC 2 ENTERPRISE Advance but within itself, it is unique though not much advanced comparatively. It is a specialized version but one upgraded version is launched in the market afterward. We can’t negate the significance of DJI MAVIC 2 ENTERPRISE and overtake it.

If deeply analyzed, the major difference in both of them is their camera and its quality. Mavic 2 Enterprise is containing one visual sensor with the ability to zoom in.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the three drones is their cameras – or rather, the quality of them.

Visual, unlike Mavic 2 Enterprises Advance, this drone has fewer capabilities of visual sensors in fact 4 times less than Mavic 2 Enterprises Advance. This model has a 1 / 2.3  inches sensor which is a little less than Advanced.

The zoom quality is also there which is 2x optical and 3x digital zoom which is again not compatible with Advance who is enjoying FHD Video Mode of  32x digital zoom and 4x lossless zoom.

In fact, all the great and step ahead capabilities are present in the Advance model based on the Mavic 2 Enterprises. All those features are a bonus in Mavic 2 Enterprises Advance.

Performance of the flight: You can’t find the RTK Module in the older version like Mavic 2 Enterprise.  One cannot add on this feature separately in his Mavic 2 Enterprise but it is a built-in module in Mavic 2 Enterprise Advance which makes it distinct from its other siblings.

Mavic 2 Enterprise has a 72kph speed with 31 minutes flight time and is more inclined towards better performance in -10 to -40 temperatures because of the presence of self-heating batteries. Whereas Mavic 2 Enterprise Advance is slightly high in speed in this manner.

Safety/Data Security: The safety modes like DJI AirSense, AES-256 encryption, Discreet Mode,24GB of onboard data storage, Password protection, and Omnidirectional obstacle sensing all are the same in both drones.

Remote Control: Mavic 2 Enterprise can be operated through a separate remote controller but without display as well as DJI Smart Controller whereas Mavic 2 Enterprise Advance is only compatible with the Smart Controller.

The appearance or design: Both drones are to large extent identical and resemble the same. If we talk about the weight, the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advance weighs more because of its cameras, and altogether it weighs 905g whereas the Mavic 2 Enterprise weighs 899 g.


Final Words

To give the final touch and remove all the confusion, the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advance is an upgraded version with the camera specs, the upgraded thermal and visual sensors, and more powerful zoom capabilities – as well as the additional RTK module. Most of these features are already there in Mavic 2 Enterprise and all the Mavic 2 Series but this model (Mavic 2 Enterprise Advance )is more powerful than the previous one. It satisfies more by carrying three payloads.

We cannot underestimate the worth of Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual and Zoom in the race of comparison. They are also decent drones and earned much publicity in positive ways. Unfortunately, after the entrant of Mavic 2 Enterprise Advance, we cannot call them a complete package anymore. Before the Advanced, the most reliable drone was the Mavic 2 Enterprise with high-class facilities but now if one wants to invest money, one should go for the advanced version.


The fans of DJI can sense the difference in both drones. Otherwise, a person who just wants to buy the best drone for his specific purposes, will not be able to understand the difference between them as there is no remarkable difference among them. It is as if the Advance one has more energy due to its newness otherwise the previous ones were also new in their era. If they haven’t provided the common features, the basis of Mavic 2 Enterprise Advance would not be this much strong at this moment?


Q1: Is Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced Radiometric?

A: Mavic 2 Enterprise Advance is additionally radiometric and would thus be able to capture images in R-JPEG. This arrangement has temperature information inserted in every Thermal Analysis Tool. There is no thermal sensor in Mavic 2 Enterprise.

Q2: Does Mavic 2 Dual Endeavor zoom feature?

A: The Mavic 2 Enterprise camera is almost the same as the Mavic 2 Zoom with all of its elements, capacities, and operations. The visual camera in the Mavic 2 Dual doesn’t have zoom abilities yet rather houses a next to each other 4K sensor to catch noticeable light and a FLIR Lepton thermal camera to catch thermal information.

Q3: What are Enterprise Drones for?

A: Enterprise drones have expanded abilities and choices, in which few of them have cameras that can be changed out considering a large number of sensor choices. There are thermal choices, zoom cameras, and multi-spectral cameras.

Q4: What is the function behind DJI RTK?

A: The DJI Phantom 4 RTK catches unique satellite observation information just as the ephemeris information and stores it in a PPKRAW, bin file in RTCM is in 3.2 formats. Also, the Phantom 4 RTK changes the satellite information on the flyover to the RINEX format and composes the information into a RINEX.

Q5:Thermal Imaging is present in Mavic 2 or not?

A: In Mavic 2, there are both thermal and visual cameras. It has a special element called FLIR MSX. This component overlays details from the visual picture onto the thermal image. This overlay happens progressively, giving you more significant details with the picture and permitting you to see everything simultaneously.

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