Top 5 Best Robot Alarm Clocks: Clocks that will Shake your soul to Wake You Up

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Imagine entering your home via fingerprint locked door at 1 a.m. It’s mid-night, everyone in your neighborhood is enjoying their sound sleep but your robotic dog stands at the watch to keep an eye on all the activities of the house. Since you are tired, You rush to your bedroom to sleep as you have a flight to catch at 5 a.m.

Fast Forward to 5 a.m, wake up!!!! It’s time to catch your flight, so that you may not miss your important business meeting. But wait, you are still in your bed, indulge in your sweet dreams, and snap you have missed your flight and thus lost an important meeting with a valuable client.

Situations like this and many other important tasks thus suggest you must have an alarm clock, so that you may not miss any other important event of your life. Talking about alarm clocks, there are a variety of alarm clocks with different features.

We have selected a few of the best alarm clocks for light as well as heavy sleepers. For heavy sleepers, we have selected such best alarm clocks that will shake up their soul to force them out of their bed.

Here is a list of the best alarm clocks with different features.

Clocky Robot Alarm Clock on Wheels

First on our list is the Nanda Home’s Clocky, Robot Alarm Clock.  This alarm clock on wheels is best for heavy sleepers who find difficulty in getting up on traditional alarm clocks. Clocky robot alarm clock is the best for people of all ages.

Clocky robot alarm clock is a fun, unique, lovely, and interesting alarm clock. It produces the loudest sound, jumps almost 3 feet, rolls, beeps, and keeps ringing.

And though your smart coffee maker makes coffee for you and stops filling the cup by itself, this alarm clock won’t, it will only stop ringing when you will wake up and tap the turn-off button by yourself like it’s your naughty pet.

It will turn your boring routine mornings into something really interesting and fun. 

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Why You Need it?

With its powerful sound and vibration, it’s the best fit for heavy sleepers and people with hearing disabilities. It’s battery-operated. It will make it impossible for you to sleep until you wake up chase it, find it and turn it off.

Sonic Bomb Dual Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

The second alarm clock on our list is also for heavy sleepers. If the sound of a lawnmower is not enough to wake you up then this alarm clock is for you. Sonic Bomb dual alarm clock with its super loud sound of 113 dB is strong enough for a thundering and exciting start to your day.

The Sonic Bomb Alarm clock with its powerful battery back up guarantees you to wake you up at right time. It has flashlights with adjustable brightness and its time format can be set in the form of 12 hours or 24 hours.

This alarm clock is easy to use and has changeable knobs and buttons which you can set according to your needs.

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Why you need it?

The Sonic Bomb Alarm clock is not just like any other alarm clock. It has a variety of adjustable features. It is useful for deep sleepers, elders, and people with hearing disabilities. 

One of its plus points is its powerful battery. Any alarm clock which has a weak battery backup is useless as it won’t be able to wake you up at an hour of need. But The Sonic Bomb Alarm clock has a powerful battery and it won’t disappoint you for one consecutive year.

Sun & Moon Rise Kids Alarm Clock

Third on our list is an interesting and fun-loving alarm clock for Kids. It comes with an amazing feature of soft night light, which makes your kids and toddlers feel safe while sleeping in the dark.

This robot alarm clock uses icons and colors to inform your kids that when it is time to sleep and wake up. It comes with amazing features of showing sun and green to signal your kids that it’s time to wake up and shows moon to inform your kids that it’s time to sleep.

It also comes with 10 easy to change different color lights and adjustable warm light. If you don’t have a Granny who can tell bedtime stories to your kids then no need to be worried about it as this robot alarm clock comes with 17 soothing sounds which depict the natural environment that can easily put your kids to sleep. 

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Why you need it?

If you are looking for the best gadgets for your kids’ rooms then this alarm clock might be an interesting, unique, and fun-loving addition to your kids’ rooms inventory. Due to its unique child lock features and other above-mentioned unique features, it is one of the best-recommended alarm clocks for kids.

LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Children’s Trainer Alarm Clock

If You have a kid who has a habit of waking up earlier than you, then it may not seem like a problem on routine working days but when it’s weekend and you want to spend some extra hours in your cozy bed then this habit of your kid is gonna create a lot of fuss.

Well, Inventors have found a solution to this problem too. Mella is one of the best robotic alarm clocks for your kids. With its unique features, it trains your kids that when it is time to sleep and when is the time to leave the bed.

Mella has three sound options and five unique night colors to soothe your child to sleep. Mella glows yellow exactly half an hour before it’s time to wake up and glows green when it’s exactly the right time to leave the bed.

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Why you need it?

Mella is the best choice for working parents who want to spend some extra time in bed on their weekend. With its catchy display, this alarm clock will restrict your kids to stay in their room so that you may have a sound and peaceful sleep without any disturbance.

 Projection Alarm Clock

Last but not least on our list of best robot alarm clocks is Projection Alarm Clock. The projection alarm clock has unique features. It is suitable for light sleepers but also doesn’t disappoint heavy sleepers.

The projection alarm clock has fabulous and bright colors that light up your room when it’s time to wake up. It has a soft and refreshing sound to wake you up but its tone can also be made harsh for heavy sleepers. 

It is also loaded with a unique talking function and keeps updating you about time at regular intervals so that you may keep a check on time and may not get late.

Another unique feature of this robot alarm clock which gives it the label of the Projection alarm clock is that it projects temperature and time at a 180-degree angle. 

It is battery-operated, portable, small in size and gives positive messages which make your mood good.

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Why you need it?

If you are a modern gadgets lover and want to get surrounded by unique and advanced tech products then this product is the best match for your needs. 

Tips to Remember:

Following tips should be kept in mind while buying a robot alarm clock.

  • Ease of Use: The robot alarm clock should be easy to use and must have functional features.
  • Usefulness: The robot alarm clock must help you in acquiring your goals that are waking you up at right time. For this fact, you must check the battery backup of the robot alarm clock.
  • Cost:  Make sure that the money which you are going to spend on the robot alarm clock is worth spending. The robot alarm clock must have features equal to its price tag.


Is there any dying battery indictor on Robot Alarm clocks?

Answer:  Usually robot alarm clocks don’t come with dying battery indicators. But few advanced and costly robot alarm clocks do have these features.

How can we learn to use Robot Alarm clocks?

Answers:  These gadgets are mostly easy to use. If you still face any difficulty then no need to be panic because these advanced gadgets come with all the instructions on how to use these gadgets.


Robot alarm clocks are gradually becoming a trend. With advancements in technology, more features of the robot alarm clock have yet to come. Robots alarm clocks are no longer just time telling machines. A lot has been added to these gadgets. Above mentioned top 5 best robot alarm clocks are a few of the best robot alarm clocks. Each robot alarm clock has its own unique features suitable for people of different ages. 

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