Best Home Security Robots of 2022

Best home security robots
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Whenever you go outside, your house is literally in God’s hand. However, you can also improve the security system of your home. Nowadays, besides security cameras, there are robots for security purposes that are also available. The only question remains; How can I find the best home security robots? Thankfully, we have got you covered.

This article will introduce you to the 8 best home security robots. After thorough research, we came up with these options. So, let’s get into the topic without wasting any more time.

Best Home Security Robots of 2022

Here are the reviews of the best home security robots.

1.  iPatrol Riley V2 Robot:

If you want a robot that can aid in monitoring purposes, this robot is best for that. The V2 robot is specially designed for monitoring purposes. The smart robot features a 5-megapixel camera with a night vision feature. So, you can also monitor activities in the dark.

Whereas most of the functions are operated by the Wi-Fi-enabled remote control. Moreover, lithium-ion batteries are developed in the robot when the battery is running low. The V2 robot automatically goes to its charging dock. A two-way audio communication mechanism is developed in the robot to connect with the unit.

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Things we like the most:

  • 5-Megapixel camera
  • Light vision
  • Self-docking
  • Motion-detection


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2.  Appbot Riley Camera Robot:

The Appbot camera robot is a great option to go with to keep track of indoor and outdoor activities. Unlike the typical robots, the camera uses wireless connectivity technology. And, to ease up your routine, the Appbot camera also features App support.

Moreover, when your robot gets neared within a 1.6-foot distance from the docking station. The robot will move to the dock automatically. You can tilt the camera to 120 degrees to get a better view. And, to quickly set up the connection, there are 2 USB ports available in the robot.

Things we like the most:

  • 5-Megapixel HD camera
  • IR Night vision
  • Two-way audio


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3.  Swift Wireless Remote Control Vehicle:

The Swift control vehicle is one of its kind to go live-stream for monitoring purposes. The 720p HD Wi-Fi camera allows for capturing crystal clear images and videos. Also, to ease up your routine, consider downloading the Application from the App Store or Google Play.

Moreover, the robot can record for 50 minutes, and after that, it requires a quick charge. Unlike typical vehicles, the Swift robot doesn’t stick on any surface. Also, the Swift wireless vehicle has a slimmer profile and can effortlessly pass through spaces.

Things we like the most:

  • 720p HD Camera
  • 50 minutes runtime
  • Support Application


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4.  Enabot Moving Security Robot:

If you are tired of managing your pets, the Enabot robot will assist you in this regard. With this camera, you don’t have to do anything manually. Just set up the schedule, and the ebo will automatically navigate the area. On top of that, it also will automatically move from his charging dock.

Innovative technology allows the robot to go to suspicious places automatically. Once noted such interference, the Application will notify you. Moreover, the camera records at 1080p picture quality, and with the night vision too.

Things we like the most:

  • 1080p night vision
  • Smart tracking
  • Self-return to charging dock
  • 24hr video recording


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5.  SKYWEE Owl Robot:

The SKYWEE Owl robot looks more like a toy, but it’s more than that. The robot features automatic app driving functionality. As it’s built especially for pet catering purposes, the robot also supports a fun treat dispenser in its construction. Furthermore, there’s an App mode and AP mode for outdoor activities.

To record with clarity. The SKYWEE robot has an HD camera with a night vision function. Also, if your animal is behaving rudely, the PIR detection function automatically makes up and interacts. And, to last several hours, there are three lithium-ion batteries in the robot. And, the unit lasts for 6-8 hours easily.

Things we like the most:

  • Long-lasting battery life
  • HD recording
  • PIR detection


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6.  DOGNESS Smart Cam:

Besides recording, if you want to interact with your animal, the simple free App features such functions. Unlike the other cameras, the Dogness unit provides 360-degree control and a view of the surroundings. Plus, the HD camera tilts and records crystal clear images. And, we can assure you, there will be no disturbance in the results.

Also, if your dogs are behaving a bit rudely without your absence, command the robot to give them a treat from the slot compartments. Furthermore, the intelligent cam battery can last over 15 days straightforwardly. So, if interested, the Dogness smart cam comes with a price tag of $223.20,

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Things we like the most:

  • Built-in treat compartment
  • 360-degree view
  • Long-lasting battery


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7.  Ring Indoor Cam:

The indoor ring camera supports an outstanding slimmer profile, So, you will not see the camera very often. Although the camera has a smaller design, you can clearly hear, record, or speak to anyone on the camera. And, the installation process is superbly easy too. Just plug it into a standard outlet, and that’s it.

Furthermore, you can manage multiple devices from the ring app. And that’s not it! The indoor cam also works with Alexa. So, deliver command and enjoy.

Things we like the most:

  • Easy installation
  • Smart and slimmer profile


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8.  Home Surveillance Video Camera:

The final camera robot on the list is by the Xrana store. You can monitor all robot activity from the robot connection to Wi-Fi. Just keep the robot connected and enjoy the show. Also, when the battery is running low, please tap on the App button, and the robot will automatically go to its charging station. Furthermore, you can also send commands to the video camera and get notified instantly.

Things we like the most:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity protocol
  • Easy to work with


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are our security robots worth the investment?

Yes, if you want to ease up your monitoring routine, these robots are worth it. Just by a mere tap, you can record everything.

Do the security robots go to their charging dock automatically?

In modern robots, this technology is developed. However, not all of them need to go to their docking station. If you want an auto docking robot, we have mentioned a couple in the article.

Final Thoughts:

There’s no doubt, that finding the best home security robots is quite a hectic process. However, with proper research, you can easily pull off the job. In this article, all the best home security robots we have suggested work amazingly. Not only do they deliver high-resolution results, but managing them is pretty effortless too.

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