Best Digital Door Lock That Offers Customized Locking/Unlocking

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The best digital door lock not only convenient but also provide a high level of security and safety for your home. They are able to send you a customized notification to your integrated devices whenever your door is locked or unlocked. You can even connect them to your smart home devices like video doorbell, cameras, and security systems.

Another useful feature of these best digital door lock is that you can set virtual keys for the door. That doesn’t allow anyone to make a copy of your keys. Whenever these keys are used you will be notified, and you can easily disable them when you want.

Wyze Smart Lock

Wyze Lock WiFi & Bluetooth

Lock Type: Deadbolt | Smart Home Compatibility: N/A | Connectivity: Bluetooth | Keypad: Included | Alarm: No | Application: Android & iOS

When you are in the search of best digital door lock, Wyze Smart Lock cannot be overlooked. They are cost-effective and provide safety on the upper hand. This is the company’s third product that is very well designed and offers more than you can expect.

When it comes to its installation, it is easy and very user friendly. If you are fond of Wyze products, you can also integrate them with this digital lock. The company did not feature it with Alexa and google assistance support, but in the future, they are also expected.

Wyze Lock. Keep the deadbolt. Just add the brains.


  • It is very well designed – simple and clean finish with attractive coloring
  • Very user-friendly – you can easily install them, also it does not require new keys
  • You can use to unlock the door – the keypad is easily accessible and will not as hard to push as others.


  • You will miss Alexa, Google, and Homekit in this model.

Kwikset Premis

Kwikset Premis

Type: Deadbolt | Smart Home Compatibility: Homekit | Connectivity: Bluetooth | keyPad: Yes | Alarm: No | Application: Yes

The Kwisket Premis is a famous digital lock for Homekit users. You can easily integrate this best digital door lock with Apple’s smart home ecosystem. Its premise allows you to access the door lock by keys, passcode, or using a smartphone.

The smart Homekit support allows you to control your locking and unlocking through Siri or its Premis Application. You can use its app to create keycodes for limited access.

Still, you will not find Support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistance but are expected in a future upgrade. But still, it’s the best option when searching for the best digital door lock.

Kwikset Premis


  • You can remotely operate the locking system through your smartphone or use keycodes
  • This device supports Apple Homekit using Siri
  • The locking element is durable and features a Rekeyable lock


  • You will miss the Alexa and Google support – but expected in a future upgrade. There is no android app, only ios platform support

Lockly Secure Plus

 Lockly Bluetooth Keyless Entry

Type: Deadbolt or lever | Smart Home Compatibility: Lockly | Connectivity: Bluetooth | KeyPad: Included | Alarm: No| App: Yes

With Lockly Secure Plus, you will able to lock and unlock your door with your fingerprint. With the touch of a finger on the side of this best digital door lock, you can easily access your home.

It is also featured with a keypad that allows you to access the door with a passcode. The smart featuring like shifting of codes display on-screen will not allow anyone to guess the code.

This is enlisted amongst the lever lock type, while most of the digital door locks are deadbolts. You will be having wifi adapter to connect your device with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistance for more customized control.

Lockly Secure Plus


  • Featuring fingerprint unlocking makes it very user friendly and add an extra layer of security to your home
  • It comes up with a manual level lock that can also enhance the door security.
  • You will also be able to enter the passcode with its easy to use the keypad


  • You have to but Wi-Fi adapter to control the locking and unlocking with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistance


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