Above Ground Pool Vacuum Review: Cleanse the Pool in No Time 

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Are you looking for a pool cleaner device, but what’s stopping you? The thought of selecting the wrong product? Having no idea where to look at it? If you are facing such issues, then stop worrying now. As this article is specifically for you. It’s a good thing to do a little bit of research before making a purchase. However, we have already done that part for you.

After doing laborious research in the market, we have found the best pool vacuum for you. Therefore, in this article, we will do the best above-ground pool vacuum review. The AIPER SMART pool cleaner comes with all new technological features. While cleaning, there is no interruption of cord support. So, do clean with ease wherever you want. Also, make sure to eradicate dust in your household by using the Shark Rocket Vacuum.

So, without further ado, let’s begin the best above-ground pool vacuum review.

AIPER SMART CORDLESS Automatic Pool Cleaner:

The AIPER pool cleaner is the perfect combination of compactness and speed. Unlike the typical cleaners, this vacuum contains all the necessary features essential to do pool chores.


  • Cordless pool cleaner
  • 50 mins effective runtime
  • 2600mAh powerful battery
  • Waterproof technology
  • 16m/min moving speed

above ground pool vacuum review

Authoritative cleaning: The operational capability primarily relies on the motor, as it ensures effectiveness. To deliver the cleaning power you are looking for. 2pcs powerful motors are built-in this cleaner. As a result, the machine eradicates dirt from the bottom surface. And you will also face no issue while cleaning. So, clean your pool with ease for your family.

Built-in battery: The AIPER cleaner is free from any cord attachments. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the entanglement of cables. But to make sure, the cleaner runs consistently. 2600mAh lithium batteries are built-in. That delivers a consistent and effective runtime of 50 minutes. However, before you begin the fun part, this cordless cleaner also requires charging of 3-4 hours. On the other hand, cordless cleaner requires charging of 7-8 hours.

When you want to charge your cleaner, first of all, make sure to turn off the power. Then, once done with that, turn on the power button.

Rapid working rate:  Besides the limited amount of runtime, the AIPER cleaner works rapidly to cover its track. Yes, you heard me right! This compact robot vacuum runs at a speed of 16m/m2. Consequently, it will rapidly clean the dirt and debris from the surface without letting you know. So, to better understand what we are trying to say is to have a 50m2 pool. This cordless cleaner will completely clean it within 50 minutes.

High-Tech Filtration system: Besides using other tools for cleaning the pool. An advanced filtration system is already installed in this vacuum. Eventually, the water goes through two sides of the machine. In between, the filter is mixed that cleans and purifies water. Not only that, but it also stores waste particles in the dust bin that you can filter after the procedure.

Touch and Reserve Technology: It’s also essential the vacuum doesn’t make a heavy compact with the pool surfaces. Therefore, to avoid such type of circumstances, innovative technology is applied in the system. So, whenever the contact happens, the cleaner stops and reverses the cycle. Also, it shifts the position and works in other zones. Besides that, a buzzer is also installed in the vacuum

That will notify you when the battery is out; you can quickly turn that off by hitting the switch-off button at the top. Also, to further aid in the pool cleaning. Check out the best pool vacuum hoses.

Easy to Clean and Handle: The size of the filter tray is pretty good. As it can easily trap and locks a lot of dirt & debris wastes. However, cleaning the filter is even easier. Just put the filter tray out and use water to clean it. The best way is to use a water pipe, as pressure the sticky objects won’t hold much.

To manage the vacuum is quite simple. The AIPER vacuum is the lightest variant available in the market. You must be thinking, but how to place the vacuum in the pool? The company also provides a hook. Therefore, you don’t need to get into the pool to retrieve the cleaner.

These are all the features that you should consider in an above-ground pool vacuum review.

above ground pool vacuum review


  • Easy to use
  • Effective portability
  • Ideal for flat pool bottoms


  • 3-4 hours charging time

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What’re other specs come in the AIPER cleaner?

There is a total of seven items that comes in the pool vacuum cleaner package. That is;

  • Robotic pool cleaner
  • Power adopter
  • Flipper and handle
  • Bottom brushes
  • Retrieving holk
  • Screws
  • User manual

Therefore, there is no necessity of buying some additional equipment to do the cleaner work.

What are the sidelines to consider before using the pool cleaner?

There are few situations; that can troubleshoot the working procedure. The best surface to use this vacuum is the flat pools. Don’t use the cleaner on messy and staircase areas; the AIPER cordless vacuum is not designed for such surfaces.

Final Thoughts:

Selecting the wrong pool cleaner can cost you a lot of money. Therefore, if you want to avoid such circumstances, you must consider the best above-ground pool vacuum review as it contains all the top-notch features that are necessary for proper and effective working. There’s no doubt there are other brands available. But the sole purpose of this article is to introduce you to the top-of-the-line cleaner.

Besides that, enhance the security of your house by adding the Ring Spotlight cam in your backyard. Then, even the burglars will think twice about sneaking into your privacy.

Buying Guide for the Best Pool Vacuum cleaner:

After reading the above-ground pool vacuum review, if still, you are not fully satisfied. We have mentioned the top-leading factors that vary in a good pool vacuum cleaner.

Design: Pool cleaners come in different designs. Therefore, make sure to select the right one. If you have a large pool, go with the corded cleaners. Although managing them is challenging yet they can run for a long-time. In addition, they also require assistance. In contrast, cordless models are not only more demanding, yet they work on their own. The only drawback cordless cleaners possess, they cannot run for long.

Battery life: A cordless cleaner must have good battery life. Otherwise, what’s the purpose of such a machine? In this regard, check the type and life span of the battery at first. A good battery can survive 50 minutes; that’s pretty good. If you have a bigger pool, it ensures the charging time is lesser if the cleaner takes 7-8 hours for charging than when you are going to clean the pool.

Speed: Cordless cleaners work automatically. But the availability of good speed is necessary. As the machine runs on its own, it shouldn’t be slow. Therefore, make sure the model runs with enough speed to deal with debris and other wastes. You can learn these facts from the product description. However, in most cases, such information is stated at the front.

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