Smart Cleaning With Amarey A800 Vacuum Cleaner

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The Amarey A800 vacuum cleaner is a necessary cleaning assistant for your home. It can provide 4 cleaning modes: automatic, spot, edge, single room to clean your home effectively, and quietly under 58dB.

Within the ultra-thin design, the height of Amarey A800 vacuum cleaner is only 2.7 inch which allows to work flexibly under large furniture and reach more place to clean. Adopting 1400Pa strong suction power, the vacuum cleaner for pet hair, human hair, and any invisible dirt or particle.

Integrating with a high-capacity Li-ion battery, It is able to work 100 minutes continuously and return to the dock automatically when finishing its work. A800 robot vacuum is a good choice for the health and cleanness of your home.

The Amarey A800 vacuum cleaner is almost identical in shape and size to other robot vacuums and is designed to work similarly. You charge the vacuum on a port that plugged into an outlet, and then let the vacuum sweep up autonomously around your space.

Amarey A800 Robot Vacuum


  • SUPER STRONG VACUUM SUCTION: With 1400PA powerful suction, Amarey a800 robot vacuum cleaner review is perfect to clean annoying pet or human hair, dust, debris on carpet or hard floor. The robotic vacuum cleaner also has a large-capacity dustbin (20oz) which avoids using plastic garbage bags. Comparing with the traditional vacuum cleaner, this robot vacuum cleaner will stay quiet (under 58 DB) when it’s cleaning.
  • FREE FLOOR TRANSITION & INTELLIGENT SENSOR: You don’t need to babysit your Amarey a800 robot vacuum cleaner review, this auto vacuum can fix problems by itself. It has excellent off-roading capability, which means that it can traverse different floor types without needing help. Adopting 360° anti-Collision and anti-drop technology, this hardwood floor vacuum can effectively prevent any unnecessary crash and drop. In this way, Amarey a800 robot vacuum cleaner review is able to clean between wood floor, tile, and carpet.
  • MULTIPLE CLEANING MODES & CLEANING SCHEDULE: Adopting 4 cleaning modes which are automatic, spot, max vacuuming, and edge cleaning, this automatic robot vacuum cleaner can be adjusted by the Remote Control in order to fulfill your different needs. You can also set schedules for this robot vacuum to wake up and start a cleaning job so that it can start working while you’re out of the house.
  • SUPER THIN & TRIPLE FILTERS: The pet hair robot vacuum is fairly compact (2.7inch super thin ). Amarey a800 robot vacuum cleaner reviews able to travel underneath most couches, tables, and beds to clean hidden areas. This robot vacuum use triple filters(washable Pre-filter/Sponge/ High-efficiency filter), side brushes, and spinning brushes that will do an equally good job of cleaning your home.
  • LONG WORKING TIME & SELF-CHARGING: Powered by a 2600mAh high-capacity Li-ion battery, this robot vacuum cleaner can work up to 100 minutes when fully charged, which means it clean a house of 1400 sq.ft continuously at a time. Amarey a800 robot vacuum cleaner review will return to its charging dock automatically before it runs out of juice or after finishing its cleaning.


  • Utilizing the Particle Count Meter to define the extent of concern of Amarey a800 robot vacuum cleaner
  • Amarey a800 robot vacuum cleaner Breathe easy with Dynabrades Clean Air Solutions
  • Clearly defining the risks of Amarey a800 robot vacuum cleaner
  • It is Certified vs Non-Certified, the proof is within the certification
  • Abrasive life and Amarey a800 robot vacuum cleaner alter out time
  • Keeping the surface clean, leading to less re-work
  • Less down-time cleaning work-cells and facility
  • Preventing the dust from causing other financial heartaches
  • You may try Ecovas Deebot M88 vacuum cleaner with more cleaning senses.

Amarey A800 Robot Vacuum


  • It has an excellent value
  • Also, Amarey a800 robot vacuum cleaner Cleans well
  • A Gentle movement
  • Cons:
  • The confusing array of cleaning modes
  • Bounces around the room


  • The confusing array of cleaning modes
  • Bounces around the room


Setting up the Amarey a800 robot vacuum manual involved the removal of some shipping blocks that protect the bumpers/switches and a couple of adhesive panels that kept the dust tray and a couple of other parts secure during transit.

Amarey a800 robot vacuum manual also had to press-fitting two edge brushes onto the suitable axles on the lowest of the unit. The red master power activates the lowest of the unit must even be turned on before the unit is often charged and put to work.

Once the initial preparations were completed, I had to locate an appropriate place for the charging dock and charge the Amarey a800 robot vacuum manual. This was far and away the foremost challenging a neighborhood of the setup.

I ended up placing the charging base before a variety of bookcases in my office. While the Amarey a800 robot vacuum manual was charging (about 3 hours), I put the batteries within the remote and set the punch in the remote. I also took the time to read through the manual to urge what all of the numerous symbols on the remote’s buttons meant.

Amarey A800 Robot Vacuum

Cleaning modes:

The Amarey a800 robot vacuum manual has the subsequent cleaning modes which may be accessed via buttons on the remote.

Edge cleaning: It works around the perimeter of space or rooms single room

Cleaning: It cleans for a half-hour (timer)

Max vacuuming: Increases the suction to supply a deeper cleaning. The A800 is often run on a schedule or on-demand. Scheduling is handled by the remote, therefore the remote must be within line of sight of the A800.

Also, you can get an Ecovas Deebot 901 robot vacuum cleaner for your home cleaning.


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