Shark Robot Vacuum vs Roomba [Complete Guidance]

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When it comes to choosing a robot between Shark robot vacuum vs Roomba kinda a different task. Both of the brands have different features and excellency in their vacuum.

The vacuum comes with the latest technology will all the touch sensors you can operate easily to clean your home. You can find all the required cleaning features in both vacuums with the best cleaning and controlling performance. Reviewing the best robot vacuum under 250 will brings out the best robot vacuum according to your need.

Shark Robot Vacuum

The shark vacuum is considered the best pet hair pick vacuum that is best in cleaning once operated. This vacuum is very compatible and easy to operate.  Some of the best shark vacuum is below:

Shark IQ Robot Vaccum

shark IQ

This vacuum runs automatically and can clean the home for about 30 minutes. It has the strong suction as well as it can clean the carpet beneath and pet hair too.

The brush of this vacuum cleans itself and rolls. It is so handy and convenient to choose from for your home. This shark robot vacuum review cleans full rows and has the best suction power. To have a reasonable best robot vacuum under 400 will be the best choice with the best feature you can buy.


  • Powerful suction power to pick small debris from carpet and pet hairs too
  • Bag capacity will hold garbage for up to a month
  • The brush can roll hair from carpets and self-cleans
  • Can be operated from voice and phone commands
  • Mop the floor and the selected areas
  • Recharge itself and resume from where it left


  • Skip bag cleaning for 30 days almost
  • Auto resume and charging itself
  • Powerful suction


  • A bit Noisy


Shark ION Robot Vacuum

shark ion

This robot vacuum comes with reliability and the best brushes to clean the area of the carpet and to mop the floor well. It is best in performance and can detect the dirt with its sensors.

It can clean the floor multiple times according to the setup.  This shark robot vacuum vs roomba can be considered as best for pet hair cleaning. Its sensors are powerful in that they can stop getting to the things that can stick. To personalize you can have the best personal assistance robot for yourself.


  • Comes with Powerful cleaning with all the dirt detecting sensors
  • High capacity suction power for pet hair precisely
  • Can be controlled by the phone and voice
  • Large capacity of a dustbin with XL bin


  • Massive dustbin
  • Multiple brushes variety to clean pet hair, floor, and carpet


  • Can run to the furniture and walls repeatedly


Shark ION Robot Vacuum

shark ion

This shark robot vacuum amazon is budget-friendly and comes with the latest technology with powerful sensors. It can mop floor and clean carpets with its strong suction power ad the best brushes it has.

The shark robot vacuum amazon is a great help in cleaning pet hairs and all kinds of fur. It can keep space from the furniture and cleans the place very intelligently.


  • Brushes deep clean the carpet pet hair and the floor with its powerful suction
  • It is good in sensors and prevent hitting the furniture, walls, and stuck situations
  • Can be operated with phone and voice control
  • Best performing device with powerful cleaning and so reliable


  • Easy to use
  • 2-hour cleaning performance
  • Retrieve large size debris


  • Stuck sometimes


Roomba Vacuum

The Roomba vacuum is the best to afford and comes with the latest technology and best suction power. It means the home within minimum time and the robot vacuum are stylish in look but excellent in performance. Some of the shark robot vacuum vs roomba is below:

iRobot Roomba i3

roomba i3

This Roomba robot vacuum comes with a self-cleaning mode and is very convenient in cleaning. This Roomba vacuum cleaner can be operated and controlled with Alexa and voice control smart home devices. It is easy to use and clean up. It can clean beneath the furniture and prevent hitting walls. But clean carpet, pet hairs very efficiently.


  • Cleans itself and allow clean up after 60 days with its big size bin bag capacity
  • Powerful picking power with best brushes that rolls up the dust and dirt very efficiently
  • Can be Operated by the Alex and voice control
  • Dirt detect sensors may not leave any dirt behind


  • Excellent hardwood and floor mopping performance
  • Auto-detects dirtier areas


  • Poor hair pickup


iRobot Roomba i7

roomba i7

This robot vacuum is best in dust pick-up performance. It can charge itself when the battery is low but also resume after it’s done and from where it left.

It can clean up the home with the map set up and as it is directed with the setup. This Roomba vacuum prevents encounters within walls stairs and the furniture. It can change the direction with different angles while cleaning with clean, pause, and head toward setting.


  • It comes with an excellent sensor that can detect dirt preventing hitting but moving angles to the different directions
  • The roomba vacuum can be guided by the setup on the phone or the voice control by Alexa, or according to the map set up.
  • It can clean messes under the furniture like tables, chairs sofas.
  • Ideal for home pets and for every kind of fur cleaning


  • Best performance in cleaning
  • Amazing navigation


  • A bit pricey


iRobot Roomba e5

roomba e5

This shark robot vacuum vs Roomba is very efficient and convenient in cleaning. It cleans uo the sensitive areas and is very quick. It can be dealt with and handles with the vice control or the phone app.

This Roomba cleaner can be connected to the wifi and will clean the home according to the map set up and will mop the floor very deeply. It has a large bin that can be clean after a time.


  • Can be controlled with the phone app and Alexa
  • Deep cleaner, floors, carpet and the beneath the furniture
  • Charged itself and resume when the battery is fully charged
  • Detect dirt sensors and excellent navigation


  • Wifi connected
  • Affordable


  • No mapping capability


Buying Guide

Both shark and Roomba vacuum are best in their features according to the requirement of the consumer. Some of the vacuum does not deep clean but it is good for the cleaning of pet hair and detects dirt sensor some have good suction power.

Most of the vacuum is affordable and some are expensive. Here you can read the article and know what is exactly your choice.


Are robotic vacuums worth it?

Yes, a robotic vacuum is worthy because they are a time saver and cleans the home in minimum time.

What should I look for when buying a robot vacuum?
  • Suction power
  • Battery timing
  • Cleaning modes
  • Of course price

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