Rechargeable Wireless Tubular Roller Shade Motor Kit

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With the advancement in technology, companies are introducing new gadgets or machinery for the comfort of mankind. A Wireless Tubular Roller with an automatic window shade is also one of them. This innovative invention has multiple features which need to be read before purchasing and utilizing in a proper manner.


electric roller

The wireless roller really fanciful products and DIY motorized electric roller blinds are a worthy replacement of the manual blinds which have chain systems to operate but these Roller covers are one click away for a bombastic performance.

A custom roller rechargeable battery makes it more reliable and valuable for people who have big windows in homes. The radio operated, fits OD: App 1-1/2inch( 38/40mm) ID: App. 1.18-1.339inch(30-34mm) are the distinguished specifications in these solar roller shades.

Its performance is outclassed with a kit selling remote and motors.  There are two types of charging systems: by plugging the switch with a plug charger or by connecting it with the solar charger.

The additional part of this Wireless Tubular Roller Shade Motor Kit is that it doesn’t need an extra source for working but just charging which happens with the solar-powered with a built-in lithium battery. The battery remains active for 3-4 months easily. Also by solar charging, you can use the best solar motion sensor light for energy saving.

Moreover, It is operable with the mobile app and at the same time, it can function for multiple windows and many rooms. The ihc (“Intelligent Home Center ”) app from BroadLink is compatible with using this shade. After setup with ihc, use “BroadLink” as a keyword to search in Alexa’s Skills or or ‘Add device’ ‘ at Google Home.

Although, the offices give an executive look with these wireless tubular roller shades. At home, they are having their own way to treat. They have no open wires or chains due to which the pets of children can be insecure. The cordless roller motor is 8.4 volt DC which is again a surety of protection. The best smart home hubs are best for saving electricity and are intelligent sources to use at home.


electric roller

  • The maximum size of these shades is:
  • Width 98 inches, Length 236 inches,
  • Weight
  • Max weight Max weight: 7.7Lbs

Product Specifications

  • Battery Powered, remote control
  • And the rechargeable battery is hidden within the motor
  • No requirement for electrical wiring and electrician
  • Optional Solar-powered charger
  • Easy limit-setting and programming
  • Fast charging, 4 hours and do not need to remove from blinds
  • The rechargeable is ideal for multiple blind applications remote control roller and is perfectly leveled final positioning.
  • Radio Frequency: 433.92 MHz
  • Temp Working Range: 32°F to 140°F (0°C to 60°C)


  • Although, It is not devised to let the children play with it.
  • Avoid installing in some moisturized or damp environment.
  • Don’t cut the antenna from it.
  • Moreover, Avoid drilling into the motor body or being subjected to external heavy force.


Apparently, Rechargeable Wireless Tubular Roller Shade Motor Kit seems like a crazy product but it has its own wonders. If they install it in the room of old people, they themselves keep it up or down instead of becoming dependent on anyone.

The Rechargeable remote roller Just presses the button one time and wait for the blind to work itself. The best smart plugs for Alexa can be used to save energy and are intelligently made with smart sensors.

The Wireless Tubular Roller proves to be a perfect solution to cover up the light without moving from your place.  A one-time investment is a peace for years.


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