ILIFE V3s pro vs V80 Max – Let’s Find Out The Most Superior Robot Vacuum

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ILIFE brand is greatly adored for its robot vacuum. In terms of battery life, their units last for a long time, while providing maximum peak performance. Along with that, to make the cleaning process more effortless, there are several functions in the robot vacuums. Last but not least, simply with a command, you can assign the robot’s task effortlessly.

However, ILIFE V3s pro vs V80 max has been a hot topic for a long time. Although both models offer superior performance, there are few differences in their working abilities. In this article, we will review both models, so you can clearly understand the differences. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

1.  ILIFE V80 Max Robot Vacuum:


Behind the peak performance of any robot vacuum, it’s crucial to have a good motor mechanism. The motors in the iLife V8s offer the spin with 20,000 RPM. This feature eventually aids to provide suction power over 2000Pa. So, the V80 can work for a longer duration without making much noise.

Also, if you have dogs in your house, you must be worried about their hair getting tangled up. However, there’s no need to. The floating suction offers a tangle-free mechanism and cleans debris and other stuff instantly.

Bin Capacity:

It doesn’t take much time for waste to gather around the surroundings. That’s why there’s a bit fitted in the design of the unit. However, it’s necessary to figure out its capacity of it. The V80 max supports a 750ml bin capacity, which is bigger than the traditional models. Also, it’s 0.45l bigger than the V3s pro. So, if you don’t want to frequently remove the bin, then the V80 max is definitely the unit for you.

Cleaning Modes:

The V80 max robot offers several features in its sleek design. To cleanse the spaces in much better order, there are four cleaning modes. To clean open spaces, there’s an auto mode that is specifically designed for such purposes. To clean small spaces, the spot mode does the job with intense suction power. Moreover, there’s an edge mode and max mode for specific cleaning operations.

Besides the modes, you can also adjust the suction level of the robot. And, this command is doable from the phone. There’s another feature, known as customizable schedules. The operation allows the unit to automatically clean on selected dates.

Safety Features:

If you have purchased a destitute robot vacuum, there’s a greater chance of collisions with objects. However, to avoid that to happen, there are several sensors developed in the V80 max. Thus, this technology allows anti-collision and anti-dropping functions. Also, when the battery started getting low, the unit automatically went to its charging station.

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ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum:

Cleaning Modes:

Cleaning can be of many ways, to ease this thing there are three functions in the V3s. The three modes include; auto, edge, and space mode. You can initiate these functions with your remote, or you can also do it manually by tapping on the mechanical button. Moreover, the height of the robot vacuum is 2.98 inches. So, it can easily sneak into small spaces, doing cleaning more efficiently.

Moreover, you can set a schedule for your V3s robot. So, when the timer hits, the vacuum will automatically start working. Also, check out the 15 best robot vacuum reviews of 2022.


The V3s are built with powerful motors that allow them to suck the dirt and other things with immense force. In addition to that, the roller brush ensures the hair doesn’t get locked into the rollers. Moreover, the V3s Pro is capable of detecting carpets. And, in case of any detection, the model quickly climbed over it. The battery health of the V3s pro is 4% higher than the V80 max. Plus, the unit also went back to its charging dock when the battery was low.

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Safety Features:

In cleaning conditions, it’s important to have some sort of safety technology. That’s why there are 3-built-in, infrared sensors in the robot vacuum. So, the unit will automatically detect when there are stairs in front to avoid falling off. Also, this technology aids in avoiding collision with objects too.

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Here ends the thorough examination of the ILIFE V3s pro vs V80 max.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much do the ILIFE V3s Pro and V80 max costs?

There’s a huge difference between the ILIFE V3s Pro and V80 max cost. The ILIFE V3s pro costs $159.99. Meanwhile, on the other hand, the V80 max comes with a price tag of $219.99. But, the expensive one comes with better functions.

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What are the functions that you can access in the V80 max from remote?

There are a total of six functions that you can operate. From the convenient app, you can set schedules, clear the history, check the parts that require maintenance, water level control, and the cleaning modes too.

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Final Thoughts:

Now if we summarize the whole situation about better performance, the winner is the V80 max. The unit offers mopping functions and has a bigger dustbin too. Moreover, the unit gets more quickly charged than the V3s pro. But, still, there are some downsides of the V80 max. For example, the battery timing is a little lesser and is more audible. Yet, from the performance point of view, the V80 max is superior to the V3s pro.

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