Decorate Your Parties and Functions With LED Light Strip [Top 3]

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As technology is progressing day by day, it is also helping us to improve our living standards. When it comes to lifestyle, everybody wishes to have a cinematic experience at offices or homes, etc. for that, we have brought to you RGB LED light strip.

These LED lights are becoming more and more popular as they are very energy effective. These lights will produce very vibrant colors with minimum energy cost. They offer excellent brightness and very flexible to work with them at home or in offices.

These amazing light strips come up with several features – depends on who is manufacturing these. They are programmable lights and we will guide you about their functionalities. We have tried and tested these lights and will be sharing with you the experience we had with them.

LED Strip Lights, L8star Colour Changing Rope Lights


LED Strip Lights

If you are looking for some lighting source that offers vibrant and brightness, then this product is for you. These LED light strips are RGB designed with a smooth arrangement. It is one of the best quality LED lights that are highly durable and environment friendly.

Also, L8star is famous for its standardized products and the safety they offer. That’s why we have enlisted it in our top pick of LED light strips. It’s really simple to use and very user friendly. It can decorate your home, room, or your drawing-room.

For gamers and video graphic individuals who have fancy PC and looking to create a fancy environment, these light strips will help you out in this. These are also the perfect choices for parties or other functions.

LED Strip Lights


  • These lights strips are cheaper and offer control and customizability more than others
  • Lights offer intensity and brightness for more visual that can create the expected environment
  • These lights are simple to use, simply plug them and use them
  • They can change their color on specific inputs like a microphone and music beats
  • You will 1 year of warranty


  • There is an IP rating – means these lights are not waterproof

MINGER LED Strip Lights


MINGER LED Strip Light

MINGER is one of the leading tech companies. They have many smart lighting products and now they have introduces us with RGB LED light strip. This company has been the trendsetter in the lighting field and still maintains the position.

The 16 feet long strip has 150 5050 SMD LEDs while the other variant with 33 feet contains 300 same LEDs. It is featured with an IR controller that is responsible for powering up the lights and functionalities of them.

If you are tired of using cheap quality LED strip lights, then this amazing product from MINGER can be the best replacement. There is no option for smartphone integration. But its IR controller is featured with 44 keys that contain 20 colors and 6 DIY scheme that is highly programmable.

MINGER LED Strip Light


  • IR remote comes up with 44 keys that allow you to have the best possible way light adjustment
  • These lights are best for small or big family parties and functions
  • These LED light strip is durable and has best-LED tech
  • Very affordable price and easy to install and operate
  • 1 year of warranty


  • There is no option for smartphone integration for more controls
  • DIY key programming needs improvement and should have some manual

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DAYBETTER Led Strip Lights


MINGER LED Strip Light

A famous brand with a good tech background is now serving in smart lighting equipment like an LED light strip. They are offering high quality durable RGB lights that have the high decorative ability and feature single-color LEDs.

You can now make your living or working place more colorful and stylish with these lights. They can provide you 20 different colors that can be used indoor and outdoor. It is IP65 rated that offers high water resistance.

These lights are highly recommended for decoration in birthday parties, live events, reality shows, etc. these LED lights are less heat tolerant and safer when kids are around. This kit contains 33 feet long strip in roll form. You will receive a 12V – 5A power adapter. IR controller contains 44 keys for more control over LED lights.

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  • It’s super user-friendly and simple to install and use
  • You will have 20 color variation that is programmable
  • You will be having 18 months of warranty
  • Its comes up with a controller with 44 keys that programs the LEDs
  • The material of the LED light strip is very durable and marked as IP65 waterproof
  • You can have amazing color-changing visuals.


  • There is smartphone integration
  • There are no DIY lighting options available.

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