6 Best Vacuum For Stairs – Top Picks of 2022

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Using a vacuum for cleaning the house is quite a good approach, but sometimes the situation gets messy. Especially, if you are in the zone of cleaning stairs. Sometimes, the vacuum cord is not big enough which makes it difficult to reach such places. Moreover, there are several other factors that also matters such as the design of the stairs and many more.

To help you out, we have done some research all by ourselves. After in-depth analysis, we came up with the 6 best vacuums for stairs. And, in this article, we will thoroughly review them one by one. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

1. Shark CH951 Cordless Vacuum:

vacuum for stairs

The Shark CH951 vacuum is specially designed to clean hard-to-reach spaces. The vacuum offers powerful pet hair suction power, that’s accessible in the motorized self-cleaning attachment. For long-lasting suction and motor endurance, the cordless vacuum has two cyclonic air streams.

The dust cup capacity is immense which makes it easy for the prospect in managing the vacuum. And, the cup gets ejected without even touching the mess. Moreover, the ultra-lightweight design makes the vacuum to go anywhere with ease.

Things we like the most:

  • Ultra-light and portable
  • Long-lasting filter

2. Dyson Cordless Stick Vaccum Cleaner

stick vacuum cleaner

With the Dyson vacuum cleaner, you don’t need to drag the machine anywhere. The cordless design allows the vacuum to get carried in places with ease. Also, the unit can run for 30 minutes with consistency. To clean the stairs as that’s the main concerning issue, you can transform the vacuum into a handheld. On top of that, the machine filtration quickly captures pollutants and allergens instantly.

Also, to reach the ceiling, the vacuum design also allows it to get converted. Meanwhile, the 2 tier radial cyclones improve the airflow and suction power.

Things we like the most:

  • Hygienic dirt ejector
  • Max power mode

3. Wyze Cordless Vacuum Cleaner:

vacuum for stairs

With the suction power of 24,000 PA, your stairs will become brand new. Also, to manage different working modes, there’s a LED built into the design of the vacuum cleaner. Also, it sounds unreal, but the Wyze vacuum cleaner only weighs 2.8 Ibs.

Moreover, with this vacuum cleaner, you can work for long hours. The vacuum cleaner offers 50 minutes of consistent runtime. To adjust the suction power according to the concerning surface, there are 3 different cleaning speeds. Furthermore, there is automatic lightning that’s turned on, to vision the path.

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Things we like the most:

  • Bright LED lights
  • Easy to empty
  • Lightweight
  • Different suction modes

4. Eureka Canister Cleaner:

stairs vacuum cleaner

Although the cleaner has a cord in it, it’s different from the other models. The cord can extend to 20 feet and reach certain places with ease. Also, the unit as a whole weighs only 9 pounds and can get carried anywhere. The filtration bag ensures to remove pet odor and emptying the bag is quite easy too. Moreover, once you are done cleaning, the cord can be stored in a proper fashion to prevent tangling.

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Things we like the most:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry

5.  Black Decker Vacuum:

vacuum for pets

Unlike the traditional vacuum cleaners, the Black Decker offers 4x suction power to the prospect. Moreover, the crevice tool of the vacuum is long and ensures the proper hygiene of hard-to-reach surfaces; mainly including stairs and ceilings. The dust bin of the Black Decker vacuum is quite spacious too, so you don’t have to keep emptying the bin over a small span of time.

Moreover, the vacuum is built with anti-tangle rubble bristles that allow the removal of pet hair. What’s fascinating is, that the Black Decker Vacuum only costs $97.25.

Things we like the most:

  • Ultra-suction power
  • Works quite well on difficult surfaces

6. Miele C3 Alize Cleaner:

vacuum for stairs

Last but not least, the final vacuum cleaner we have on the list is by the Miele store. The Miele cleaner is best to clean the pile carpet and hard floors. Moreover, you can adjust the height accordingly to your working space. Also, there’s a powerful suction from that you can manage 6 suction power settings.

The handle of the cleaner features a telescoping design that allows easy movement of the nozzle. Whereas, the storage compartment of the cleaner holds 3 accessories.

Things we like the most:

  • Quiet and powerful working
  • Onboard storage compartment

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Is it worth it to invest in these best vacuums for stairs?

If you want to ease yourself in cleaning stairs and hard-to-reach areas, then you do invest in these units. As they will not disappoint you.

How much does a budget-friendly vacuum stair product costs?

If you are a little tight on budget and looking for a less costly cleaner. A good vacuum stair can cost you a minimum of about $100.00.

Final Thoughts:

A good vacuum cleaner can make your life a lot easier if you have invested in the right product. You can clean stairs with higher accuracy and reach difficult areas more appropriately. You can benefit from all these options if you consider our best vacuum for stairs. So, thoroughly read each review to build a better understanding of what the product has to offer.

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