The Ultimate Review of the Best Kirby Vacuum Cleaners and Bags

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Imagine it’s a weekend and you are at your home throwing a party. Your house is jam-packed with your close friends. Everyone is busy enjoying the weekend party. Who doesn’t love a break from the hectic schedule? You keep throwing parties till midnight. Now it’s time to go home guys. You see off your all friends and go to bed with a heavy head.

Fast forward to 7 a.m, you wake up to a thundering sound of your robot alarm clock. You have to leave your bed to catch your naughty robot alarm clock when you enter another room, you see a shocking scene. There is trash everywhere, broken glasses, wrappers, chips, leftover foods, drinks, cans, bottles, cigarettes, and even your pool is full of trash.

You have got a solution to clean your pool with a pool cleaner robot but what to do with the rest of the trash and weekend household debris?/ The cleaning which you had kept pending for your lovely Sunday.

A situation like this demands a powerful vacuum cleaner. That’s where Kirby vacuum plays a vital role. For decades,  Kirby has manufactured powerful and easy-to-handle vacuum cleaners. Though Kirby does not sell the vacuum cleaners and Kirby bags directly to its users. It maintains the supply line via its distributors.

Our research team has done exclusive research on Kirby vacuums for you, reviewed a few of them, and has selected two of the best Kirby vacuum cleaners and Kirby vacuum bags. We have done this intensive research and review for you so that you may not waste your time looking for the best vacuum cleaners. Just relax and read out this Kirby vacuum cleaner review.

Following are the two best Kirby Vacuum Cleaners.

Kirby Avalir Vacuum Cleaner Review:

Kirby Avalir vacuum cleaner is all one product.  This vacuum cleaner comes with amazing and impressive twelve cleaning functions. Its technology is perfect for carpet cleaning and vacuuming. Well, who does not love a product which has a variety of functions?

With its ultra-premium technology and price, Avalir is designed to give its users the best quality and allergen control. Kirby Avalir vacuum comes with an endless number of attachments that can be utilized for different purposes.

It’s a complete and powerful package of floor cleaning. Kirby vacuum technology is a hybrid of its previous versions. It’s an all-in-one device as it encompasses the features of all of its previous models and a few new features.

With a variety of cool attachments, it is easy to convert Kirby Vacuum cleaner into a carpet shampooer, an upright vacuum, and you can even use it as a replacement for the mop. The mopping feature is the best fit for those who want their floor to look extra clean and shiny.

Due to a variety of attachments, there is absolutely no need to keep a check on other cleaning gadgets. Kirby Avalir vacuum cleaner is all in one. Take out any other cleaning equipment and mops from your cleaning inventory and store Kirby vacuum cleaners there. Well, it’s gonna save you a lot of money for sure.

Though we are living in a cordless era, the powerful motor of the Kirby Avalir vacuum cleaner needs to run on real power. To sort the mess of tangled wires, Kirby has provided an additional feature of Auto Rewind Cord. Just unplug the switch from the power outlet, click on the auto rewind button and feel the magic as the cord will do rewinding by itself.

Additional tools include a combination floor head, powerful electrobrush floorhead, hardwood floorhead, and other various standard tools.

kirby vacuum models


  • Multi-surface shampoo kit
  • Automatic Cable rewind Kit
  • Works best as both a carpet cleaner and vacuum
  • All in one feature of cleaning
  • No need of keeping any extra cleaning accessories.
  • Self Propelled tech drive


  • Heavy

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Kirby Avalir G10D Vacuum Cleaner Review:

Next on our Kirby vacuum cleaner review list is Kirby Avalir G10D vacuum cleaner. The Kirby Avalir G10D is an upright vacuum cleaner. It has almost the same features as the Kirby Avalir vacuum cleaner.

Just like the Kirby Avalir vacuum cleaner, it has a variety of cool attachments, it is easy to convert this upright Kirby Vacuum cleaner into a carpet shampooer, and you can even use it as a replacement for the mop. The mopping feature is the best fit for those who want their floor to look extra clean and shiny.

Kirby Avalir G10D is actually a variant of the Kirby Avalir vacuum. A feature that distinguishes it from the former one is its LED headlight. It comes with an LED headlight so that you may work in dark as well. It also has a feature of belt change indicator. 


  • HEPA micron allergy filtration
  • LED Headlight
  • Belt change indicator
  • Self Propelled
  • Toe Touch height control.
  • Shampoo Kit


  • Heavy
  • Costly

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Kirby Vacuum Bags:

The Kirby vacuum cleaner review is incomplete if we don’t include Kirby bags in it. Kirby bags are the most vital part of the Kirby vacuum cleaners. There are a variety of bags present in the market which fits different models of the Kirby vacuum cleaners. How can we know which bag is fit for our vacuum cleaner model? 

Well, we have got you covered here, Below we are presenting you with a universal Kirby bag that is best for all types of Kirby vacuum cleaners.

Kirby Universal Bag Kirby#214811:

The Kirby Universal bags are of top-notch quality.  It comes in white, HEPA cloth material. For those who do not know what HEPA is, let us explain it to you  “HEPA is a dense micro glassed fiber-based filter paper which is tightly pleated for all surface area. The efficiency of a real HEPA air filter should be 99.97 percent for particles 0.3 microns or larger.”

These Universal style bags fit both F-style models and the twist-style Kirby vacuum cleaners. It also fits all other Kirby models such as Generation-4 and Sentria ll. It helps in reducing common household dust, mites, little debris, pollens, and other little particles.

Note: Six bags and one belt are included in every package of the Kirby Universal bag.

kirby vacuum models

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Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Price:

If we talk about Kirby vacuum cleaner prices then we can say that the Kirby vacuum cleaners are a bit costly. Many people may not have the right budget for the might Kirby Vacuum cleaners. But if we look at the other side of the story then we can conclude from our above discussions that Kirby vacuum cleaners are not just single-function performing instruments. The Kirby vacuum cleaners are all in one. With extra cool attachments, a variety of other functions can also be performed easily. If you have a Kirby vacuum cleaner then there is no need to stack your cleaner’s inventory with other cleaning gadgets.

The Kirby Vacuum Cleaners and other Brands:

To check the compatibility of the Kirby Vacuum cleaners, Eight tests were performed on the Kirby vacuum cleaner and the vacuum cleaners of other brands. The Kirby vacuum outruns the other brands in all following nine tests :

  • The best vacuum not to clog.
  • Most airflow and vacuum power
  • Great suction power even when it’s full of dirt
  • Vacuums better
  • More durable than other vacuum cleaners
  • More tools and accessories than vacuums of other brands
  • Great Filtration
  • Powerful suction and vacuum seal


Is Kirby really the best vacuum brand?

Answer: The Kirby has long been a power player in the universe of vacuums. It can come in especially handy for people who have cats and dogs and the jolly people who love to throw parties often. These vacuum cleaners are specially equipped with all kinds of powerful and modern features that can make tackling indoor and often outdoor cleaning straightforward and sometimes even enjoyable and fun.

Is Kirby better than Dyson?

Answer: What if we tell you that Dyson was also included in the above tests and Kirby cleared all the tests but Dyson could not. However, Dyson is a lot like Kirby in that it’s an acclaimed vacuum cleaner manufacturer. Both brands have their own devotees. Many people think that Dyson makes vacuums that are particularly simple and easy to use.

Many people think that Kirby vacuums offer suctioning strength that’s unrivaled. Many people believe that they’re similar in the air filtration department. Consumers should assess Kirby and Dyson’s favorites prior to making any purchase choices.


The Kirby Vacuum cleaners are one of the best vacuum cleaners. In the Kirby vacuum cleaners review, we have presented you with the review of two top-notch Kirby vacuum cleaners. Our vote among these two goes with the Kirby Avalir Vacuum cleaner. 

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